St Mary’s Catholic College prep teacher Sarah McCarthy with some of her class of 2021 … a decade at the school hasn’t dimmed her enthusiasm for making learning a daily adventure of excitement and fun

December 20, 2021

A teacher who was voted the region’s best educator in 2019 still deserves that honour today, says St Mary’s Catholic College.

Prep teacher Sarah McCarthy has been engaging and challenging students at SMCC for the past 10 years.

She says her motivation comes from the students themselves.

“I want every student to love learning and be excited every day about the possibilities ahead of them,” Sarah said.

“The kids make my day fulfilling because they are so eager to impress and learn.”

Despite the pressures of delivering a 21st century curriculum, Sarah says she prides herself on providing a dynamic, diverse and engaging learning experience every day in the college’s dedicated Early Learning Years Centre.

“There is no one more dedicated and deserving being awarded best teacher,” principal Carmel O’Brien said.

“Sarah brings her passion for learning to every child she works with, every day.

“Sarah is driven by her own passion to learn, and provides endless opportunities for every student to succeed every day.

“She’s truly a teacher in a million, and we are blessed to have her here at St Mary’s.”

Sarah teaches some of the basics of cooking to an engrossed class of youngsters in the College’s Early Learning Centre

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