Sunwater says it has reached a significant milestone in its Paradise Dam remediation work

March 14, 2021

Sunwater says it has reached a significant milestone in its work at Paradise Dam to improve the safety of downstream communities.

The corporation has completed a range of activities on the dam spillway, strengthening the structure and reducing the risk of dam failure.

A 600mm concrete crest has been constructed on the dam wall, finalising a 5.8m lowering, with passive steel anchors successfully installed through the dam’s roller compacted concrete layers.

Further ancillary works will continue, including quality assurance work, construction of a new fishway and concreting downstream of the dam to provide interim protection against scour.

A Sunwater spokesperson said the works, which have reduced pressure on the dam wall in a significant flood event, are a short-term risk reduction measure while a longer-term dam remediation plan is confirmed.

With the completion of work on the dam spillway, the risk of dam failure has been reduced to a one-in-5000-year event.

Prior to the start of the essential works, the dam failure risk was one-in-200-year event, such as the community experienced in 2013.

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