Work to start lowering the spillway wall at Paradise Dam is due to begin next month

March 25, 2020

The $100 million project to lower the spillway at Paradise Dam by five metres for safety reasons is on track to begin next month, Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham confirmed on Wednesday.

However, the Paradise Dam Options Assessment report, released the same day, includes an option the spillway be raised back up.

The Building Queensland report says further investigations are needed into three options once the spillway is reduced by five metres:

  • Maintain the same height
  • Raise the spillway back, to a level to be advised
  • Lower the spillway further, with extra alternative water supply options as required.

Further work to be done this year includes:

  • Geotechnical investigations of the dam’s foundations
  • Anchoring trials
  • Additional testing of the roller compacted concrete
  • Detailed assessments of water demand in the region.

Dr Lynham said in the meantime Sunwater would change the water-sharing rules for 2020-21 to make more water available and give growers certainty.

“The changes I am announcing today mean water users will receive more of their allocation for 2020-2021, even with the dam’s water levels kept at 42 per cent,” Dr Lynham said.

“In fact, with normal rain this means that more water is now going to be available to growers than if no changes had been necessary to the dam.

“In the difficult times we are facing now with the coronavirus emergency, any business investment, expansion and new jobs will be greatly needed.

“Having certainty now gives farmers three months’ notice to help them plan for the next financial year’s cropping.”

  • The Building Queensland report is available at online

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