Former mayor Keith Campbell, current mayor Brett Otto and KTP project manager Allan Christensen

March 8, 2021

South Burnett mayor Brett Otto and former mayor Keith Campbell donned high-vis vests and hard hats for the commissioning of the Kingaroy Transformation Project’s new ambassador on Monday morning.

The former mayor has agreed to serve as a voluntary “ambassador” for the KTP to liaise with local businesses and the wider community.

The duo joined Deputy Mayor Gavin Jones, Cr Danita Potter, KTP project manager Allan Christensen and KTP liaison officer Kristy Board in Alford Street.

Mayor Otto said he believed Mr Campbell was going to be a tremendous asset because of his understanding of the project and his work with the previous Council to secure the Federal funding for the KTP.

“It’s not about convincing (the CBD businesses) that the project is a great thing,” Mayor Otto said.

“They already know that. It’s about making sure that we are managing any disruptions the project may cause during the different stages. Communication is such an important part of that.”

Mr Campbell said he would be “a conduit”.

“I’m not initiating new decisions about the project,” he said.

“I’m simply there to help support this huge investment of Council and to touch base with the business owners in the affected streets, as well as the community generally.”

Mr Campbell he would be able to give a high level of support as well as reassurance the KTP was needed and would benefit Kingaroy as well as the wider area.

“Keith’s doing it for the benefit of the community as a community citizen,” Mayor Otto said.

“Keith and I both have different strengths and different areas of knowledge and I think we’re going to make a great team that will work pretty well together.

“We are above politics here in the South Burnett. We are both long-term residents of the South Burnett. We both have our hearts in Kingaroy.

“Keith’s family go back a long way in this region as do mine and at the end of the day, this is about what’s best for the community.”

Deputy Mayor Gavin Jones, Cr Danita Potter and KTP liaison officer Kristy Board
Work currently under way in Alford Street … various stretches of the roadway have been closed and then re-opened as the KTP project proceeds

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