The new Kingaroy Hospital … rumours have been swirling in the community about water damage at the building
The new CT scanner which is believed to have been damaged after water leaked into the hospital (Photo: Nanango Electorate Office)

January 27, 2021

Rumours that Kingaroy’s new $92.5 million hospital sprang a serious leak during recent rainstorms have prompted a “please explain” from local MP Deb Frecklington.

Mrs Frecklington, who has written to Health Minister Yvette D’Ath, says the South Burnett community deserves answers after a loss of services at the new hospital.

She said information shared with her about serious damage was concerning and had potentially serious ramifications for access to important health services.

“This is a brand new hospital, only opened just before Christmas and we are now hearing reports that so much water leaked through the roof that the maternity ward will be closed for some time,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“We have heard that new mums and bubs were forced to evacuate on the day of the flooding and that the ward has not reopened due to water damage.

“I am also concerned about information suggesting the brand new CT scanner, which is on the ground floor, was also damaged and is out of action.

“It is unacceptable to think that a brand new building could be damaged to this extent, leaving our community with questions about how this could have happened and when services will return to normal.

“Given that this project started as a $62 million redevelopment, and has now blown out to $92.5 million, surely this amount of money would ensure a waterproof building?

“We also need to know how much this will cost to repair and who is footing the bill.

“The Health Minister has not communicated with the community, instead keeping silent on the issue.

“Minister D’Ath needs to explain what has occurred and why, how many hospital beds are closed and how long the community will wait until repairs are complete.” has approached Darling Downs Health for a comment.

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Mrs Frecklington’s Letter

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3 Responses to "Minister Quizzed Over Hospital Leaks"

  1. Disgruntled  January 27, 2021

    Does anybody wonder! They cannot even get a dam built right so is it any wonder that they cannot get a hospital right? I hope they don’t treat the hospital the same way that they treated Paradise!

    Next question. Will the SBRC get all their ducks lined up properly within their KPT project? They may even look at having a reduction of preliminary earth works costings as they appear to have a big bunch of enthusiastic diggers available for free! Whoopee, the ratepayers may even get a rate reprieve with the savings instead of an overrun! Ha ha ha. C’mon laugh, it’s a joke!

    But the hospital one isn’t!

  2. Terry  January 29, 2021

    C’mon Disgruntled, let the children have a little fun in their sand pit.

  3. Be The Difference  January 29, 2021

    I wonder if Ben & Cam were on the mop & bucket brigade cleaning up for their pet Labor project? All jokes aside, and this is not a Joke… I hope those that caused this problem are not only held accountable but clean up at their cost not ours!


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