Murgon’s Jubilee Pool will be getting a solar-powered pool heating system installed during the off season, and so will Wondai’s pool (Photo: SBRC)

May 29, 2020

Three South Burnett public swimming pools will be getting important upgrades over the next few months.

Murgon’s Jubilee Pool in Gore Street will be getting a solar pool heating system installed.

Wondai’s pool in Mackenzie Street will also be getting a solar-powered heating system, along with a new pool filtration system.

And Nanango’s Aquatic Centre will be getting its grandstands replaced and new floor coverings installed in the kitchen area.

Rusted steel supports and plastic grates around the Aquatic Centre’s hydro pool will also be replaced, along with the pool’s valves.

* * *

A contract to repair the roof of Ringsfield House in Nanango has been awarded to Campbell Construction Company.

Site preparation and security fencing were installed early this month so work could commence.

The project is being partly funded by a grant from the Department of Local Government, and partly by the South Burnett Regional Council.

* * *

Four units at Council-owned public housing in Nanango will be getting an upgrade over the coming month.

The SBRC has awarded a contract to Paul Reeves for the renovation of two bathrooms at the Brighthaven Units and another two bathrooms in the Drayton Units.

Work has already begun and are due to be completed by the end of June.

* * *

A federally funded project to build a footpath connecting Cherbourg to Murgon has been put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In the meantime, Council is working with artist Venus Rabbitt to paint an owl and a serpent as part of the disk display on the new footpaths being installed in Murgon’s CBD.

In Kingaroy, the peanut thresher usually located behind Kingaroy’s Visitor Information Centre will now be restored and repainted by a local contractor, again due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Council said the change would ensure the restoration could be completed in a timely fashion.

* * *

A disused above-head fuel storage located at the Council’s Wondai Depot was recently removed.

Two small buildings will also be removed from the depot in the near future.

The disposal of these will improve traffic management in the depot and ensure Council complies with Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

* * *

The South Burnett Rail Trail was recently slashed, and Council staff are now re-oiling the trail’s chairs and safety markers.

Surface maintenance has also been undertaken on some parts of the trail.

Later this year – thanks to the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program funding – a footpath will be built to connect the trail to the toilets and picnic table opposite Memerambi’s Stop Shop.

The same program will also pay for a picnic table to be erected on the trail near Barambah Creek.

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