Michelle (Ballinger) Swindale and Robbie (Ward) Stolzenberg were two of the Class of 1975-77 that attended a large Nanango State School reunion at Ringsfield last Saturday

March 20, 2020

Nanango enjoyed what could well be the town’s last carefree day for a while last Saturday when two reunions were celebrated in the grounds of Ringsfield House.

The first of these was Nanango’s annual Past and Present Residents Reunion, which notched up its 59th outing in 2020.

This event used to be held each March at New Farm Park in Brisbane, but in 2017 it moved to Nanango’s Ringsfield House.

Last year – due to wet weather – it was shifted to Nanango’s Showgrounds at short notice but this year it was back at Ringsfield again.

The reunion was made up of roughly equal numbers of expatriates and locals renewing old friendships, with a display of old photos drawing many onlookers.

Almost 200 people packed the grounds during the course of the day, with a number adjourning to Nanango RSL Club in the late afternoon for dinner and drinks.

The second reunion was celebrated nearby in the old Nanango schoolhouse, which now sits in Ringsfield’s grounds.

The Class of 1975-77 held a 45-year reunion in the building, recalling their early days at school and marvelling at how well the old schoolhouse – which now houses the Nanango History Room – has been preserved.

The event was organised by old friends Lyn Embrey and Sue Neilsen on a whim, and it drew a large crowd.

During the course of the get-together a special ceremonial cake was cut and shared.

Many of the class reunion’s guests later joined the Past and Present Residents reunion which was being held on the other side of the school’s picket fence.

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