Kingaroy State High School Year 7 students Indy Eriksen and Chevy Edwards with ‘Pepper’ and ‘Sunshine” in the Under 450kg Led Steer competition

September 5, 2019

It was billed as being the biggest Wondai Show ever … and Saturday’s main day extravaganza didn’t disappoint.

Show Society president Dennis Morris told it was “easily the biggest” show ever held in Wondai.

“The gate takings will exceed $20,000,” he said.

“And we haven’t increased the prices. They’ve been the same for many, many years but in the past we may have taken as little as $5000.”

The 2019 Wondai Show featured a new layout which Dennis said also “went across very, very well” with patrons.

The equestrian section was moved further down the main oval, making room for the truck show, tractor pull, chainsaw races and various stalls.

Dennis said the changes were partially the result of having younger members with new ideas joining the organising committee.

“And they had lots of energy to back their ideas up,” he said.

“Sponsorship was also absolutely wonderful this year. It enabled us to put in many free items for the kids and young adults.”

These included the laser pursuit, which was free all day, the animal farm, and the Rent-A-Rex T-Rex dinosaur.

Also popular this year were the racing ride-on mowers and the little train which carted visitors around the huge showground area.

Dennis said there were a few other records set at the show, including the crowd numbers and bar takings at the rodeo.

“The stud beef cattle numbers were a record (170 head) and the poultry pavilion was overflowing,” he said.

“The pavilion exhibits were quite remarkable given the weather we’ve been having.”

Dennis said he wanted to give a big thank you to the public for their overwhelming support for the show, as well as highlight the hard work done by his committee.

The 102nd Wondai Show was officially opened by South Burnett mayor Keith Campbell, who was called upon after scheduled guest speaker, AgForce Qld president Georgie Somerset, suffered an on-farm injury just days before the show.

“Given the droughted circumstances that are surrounding not just the Wondai area but the whole of the South Burnett, this is an incredible display of the resilience and the attitude of the people who live within the area,” Mayor Campbell said.

“Take a walk through the pavilions, take a walk around the grounds and see the cattle, the machinery and all the activities that normally support a show. They’re all here despite the fact that things are not as good out there in rural land as we’d like them to be.”

He said rural shows were a celebration of agriculture.

“This is not the first drought that we’ve been through and regrettably it won’t be the last drought that we have to endure, either.

“They are a fact of life. They are a reality. We never get quite prepared for a drought. It always seems to catch us off-guard but nonetheless they are a feature of life on the land. And we have to live with it …”

“But it’s tough times like this which seem to bring out the best in people.”

Yarraman P-9 students were out in force with their show cattle … watching the Dairy Young Judges were Kylah Stratford, Year 7; and Joseph McCoombes, Year 9
Four of the Dairy Young Judges … from left, Krystal Wardrop, Murgon; Caitlyn Magee, Wondai; Jacklyn Noakes, Wondai; and Josh Steinhardt, Wondai
South Burnett Regional Council were promoting their “Disaster Dashboard” as well as handing out “Get Ready” items including power banks, torches and water bottles … from left, Natasha Schulz, Craig Yarrow, Pawan Govind and Donna Brown
Show Society volunteers Fay Kerkow and Kahlia White were working hard (and having fun) in the canteen
Josh Gadischke and Jane Iszlaub were part of the Wondai Town & District Band which was playing on the lawn
At the official opening ceremony … South Burnett mayor Keith Campbell, Queensland Agricultural Shows delegate Richard O’Neill OAM and councillors Ros Heit and Kathy Duff
Rural Ambassador Kalila Grevell, Junior Miss Showgirl Grace Thompson, Wondai Show Society president Dennis Morris, Miss Showgirl Shania Weier and Junior Rural Ambassador Riley Hood
The ride-on mower races attracted an appreciative crowd and kicked up a lot of dust!
The Goomeri Chrome Bumpers had a bumper (pun intended) roll-up for the show’n’shine … John and Kathy Eustace, from Wondai, each won trophies; John a 2nd place for his HZ Kingswood and Kathy the Post-1988 trophy for her 1989 XJ6 Jaguar; Wal Sells, from Wheatlands, took home the trophy for the Best Modified Commercial for his 1963 EJ Holden ute
Claire and Allen Wilkinson, from Goomeri, won the People’s Choice award for their 1957 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud
This modified 2008 Holden Commodore was attracting attention as a modern-style Sandman
The laser shooting was popular with the children and also free all day
Poultry judges Ken and Kyle Gleich with the Hardfeather Champion, shown by W.J. Stumer; and the Grand Champion and Soft Feather Champion, a black pekin bantam shown by Denis Dowdle
Leanne Lee, from Silverleaf, with ‘Dudley’, a Limousin cross in the Led Steer competition
Show Society president Dennis Morris in front of the McAllister Hall … Dennis announced at the official opening that the society had received a $38, 500 grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to put towards re-roofing and insulating the pavilion
Some of the winning displays in the Pavilion floral competition
Maureen Bowden, from Wondai, was demonstrating the use of a scroll saw to to do fret work
The tractor pull display  created a lot of huffing and puffing as the sled was hauled along the track
A line-up of semis added colour to the truck display
John and Rhonda Armstrong, from Wondai, were admiring the big rigs on show
Trevor Baker, from Aratula, sends the chips flying during the chainsaw racing

* * *

Show Results


Supreme Male – ‘Berwick Norton’, J. Jefferies & D. Priddle

Supreme Female – ‘Oakwood Polled Kurizma’, Paul & Kelli Foreman

Ken Mills Toyota: Best 5 Exhibits

1. Dean Rassmussen
2. L. & L. Lee
3. Denis & Theresa Roberts
4. J. Jefferies & D. Priddle
5. Paul & Kelli Foreman



Junior Champion Male – ‘Shell Dee Batman’, Rassmussen/Hansen
Junior Reserve Male – ‘Ruby Ridge Nashville’, Plowman family
Senior Champion Male – ‘AAA Eliezer,’ Denis & Theresa Roberts
Senior Reserve Male – ‘Ben Nevis Next Generation’, Glenrae Pastoral Co
Junior Champion Female – ‘Bowenfels Miss Frontier’, Glenrae Pastoral Co
Junior Reserve Female – ‘Gold Star Duchess’, T. & M. Nuttridge
Senior Champion Female – ‘Oakvale Never Enough’. Gary & Heather Sewell
Senior Reserve Female – ‘Nunkeeri Park Lauren’, Tania Paget


Junior Champion Male – ‘Fairhaven Payton’, L & W Fairbairn
Junior Reserve Male – ‘Birubi Pearl P9’, Evans family
Senior Champion Male – ‘Berwick Norton’, J. Jefferies & D. Priddle
Senior Reserve Male – ‘Jen-Daview New Star,’ Evans family
Junior Champion Female – ‘Elwanvale Poster Girl’, L & L Lee
Junior Reserve Female – ‘Trinity Vale Passion’, T. Anderson & B. Evans
Senior Champion Female – ‘Oakwood Polled Kurizma’, Paul & Kelli Foreman
Senior Reserve Female – ‘A.T. Nutmeg’n L & L Lee

Ken Mills Most Successful Exhibitor: Paul & Kelli Foreman


Junior Champion Male – ‘Ahern Maverick’, Ahern family
Junior Reserve Male – ‘Jen-Daview Fullback’, Evans family
Senior Champion Male – ‘Cedarbrook Stretch’, GML Pastoral
Junior Champion Female – ‘Droonoodoo Miss Lily’, Dean Rasmussen
Junior Reserve Female – ‘Cedarbrook Milkshake’, GML Pastoral
Senior Champion Female – ‘Rockyview Heart’, J. Beckman & E. Dempsey
Senior Reserve Female – ‘Droonoodoo Rosanna’, Dean Rasmussen

Stud Beef Young Judges

Under 10yrs

1. Hayley Wicks
2. Jackson Wicks
3. Suzie Downie

10-14 Years

1. Indy Eriksen, Kingaroy
2. Jamie-Lee Webb, Kingaroy
3. Amity Campbell, Kingaroy

15-25 Years

1. James Robertson, Gayndah
2. Jessica Beddows
3. Romana Ricketts, Murgon

Stud Beef Young Handlers

Under 10yrs

1. Danny Gould
2. Erin Graham
3. Jayde Busiko

10-14 Years

1. Ryan Gould, Gayndah
2. Hannah Needer, Kingaroy
3. Trader Ahern, Gayndah

15-25 Years

1. Ava Murdoch, Bundaberg
2. Chloe Plowman, Kingaroy
3. Jasmine Anderson, Gayndah


1. Plowman family
2. Glenrae Pastoral
3. Paul & Kelli Foreman


Goldmix Aggregate Points

1. Bundaberg Christian College
2. Kingaroy State High School
3. Leegra
4. Hillsborough
5. Jen-Daview


1. ‘Aimo’ – Jen-Daview (tie)
1. ‘Leegra Dudley’ – L. & L. Lee (tie)
3. ‘Rockey’ – G. & C. Bell

< 320kg

1. ‘Leegra Pepi’ – L. & L. Lee
2. ‘Debo’ – Jen-Daview
3. ‘Oakvale Pay For It’ – Gary and Heather Sewell

< 450kg

1. ‘Reflex’ – Bundaberg Christian College
2. ‘Leegra Pee Wee’ – L. & L. Lee
3. ‘Prince’ – Kingaroy State High School

451kg and over

1. ‘Black Jack’ – Jen-Daview
2. ‘Hawkeye’ – G. & V. Wicks
3. ‘Mightymouse’ – G. & V. Wicks


Champion Cow (over 3yrs) – ‘Eacham Park Beauty 36’, English & Noakes family
Reserve Champion Cow (over 3yrs) – ‘Glenvillan Dakota’, Crawford family
Champion Heifer (under 3yrs) – ‘Eacham Park Plum 22’, English & Noakes family
Reserve Champion Heifer (under 3yrs) – ‘Glenvillan Phantoma’, Crawford family
Champion Juvenile Heifer (under 2yrs) – ‘Eacham Park Pretty Polly 3’, English & Noakes family
Res Champion Juvenile Heifer (under 2yrs) – ‘Glenvillan Rosella’, Crawford family
Supreme Champion Female – ‘Eacham Park Beauty 36’, English & Noakes family

Top 5 Exhibits Of The Show

1. ‘Eacham Park Beauty 36’, English & Noakes family
2. ‘Eacham Park Plum 22’, English & Noakes family
3. ‘Glenvillan Dakota’, Crawford family
4. ‘Glenvillan Dora’, Crawford family
5. ‘Eacham Park Pretty Polly 3’, English & Noakes family

Most Successful Exhibitor: English & Noakes family

2019 South Burnett Dairy Aggregate Points 

1. English & Noakes family
2. Crawford family
3. Clint & Mel Vonhoff

Dairy Young Judges

1. Krystal Wardrop, Murgon
2. Josh Steinhardt, Wondai
3. Jacklyn Bradley-Noakes, Wondai

Dairy Young Handlers

1. Jacklyn Bradley-Noakes, Wondai
2. Josh Steinhardt, Wondai
3. Michelle Greenslade




* Champion: Emily Denyer – ‘Seek The Gold’
* Reserve Champion: Ashlee Sturgess – ‘Sneaky Peterson’


* Champion: Jane Clifford – ‘Dicavelli Royal Gucci’
* Reserve Champion: Emily Denyer – ‘Seek The Gold’


* Champion: Kathy Donald – ‘Crowned Destiny Acres’

Standard Bred

* Champion: F. Reinke – ‘Montana Brave’
* Reserve Champion: Amelia Dalton – ‘Vision of Dubai’

Australian Stock Horse

* Champion: Cate Puschmann – ‘Galileo’
* Reserve Champion: Emily Denyer – ‘All Aces’

Dilute Horse

* Champion: Cate Puschmann – ‘Galileo’
* Reserve Champion: Melissa Flood – ‘Ry-Naura Loxie’


Ridden Show Hack

* Champion: Terry Cowan – ‘Wilsson’
* Reserve Champion: A. Christensen – ‘La Vita Loca’

Ridden Show Galloway

* Champion: Rhiannon Hart – ‘Mira Count Ya Blessings’
* Reserve Champion: Tori Bowden – ‘Alpine Park Extravaganza’

Ridden Show Hunter Hack

* Champion: Jane Clifford – ‘Dicavelli Royal Gucci’
* Reserve Champion: Cate Puschmann – ‘Galileo’

Ridden Show Hunter Galloway

* Champion: Sue Poultney – ‘Greenfield Walking Glory’
* Reserve Champion: Melissa Flood – ‘Ry-Naura Loxie’

Adult Rider

* Champion: Danielle Strachan
* Reserve Champion: Jamie Colson



* Champion: A. Christensen – ‘El Ray Push My Button’
* Reserve Champion: Team Marshall – ‘Arajay Park Fire Fox’

Saddle Pony

* Champion: L Daetz – ‘Readimarr Blue Lace’
* Reserve Champion: A. Christensen – ‘El Ray Push My Button’

Riding Pony

* Champion: A. Christensen – ‘El Ray Push My Button’
* Reserve Champion: Kylie Raymont – ‘Lady in Red’


* Champion: Kylie Raymont – ‘Lady in Red’
* Reserve Champion: Rhiannon Hart – ‘Mira Count Ya Blessings’


Ridden Show Pony

* Champion: A. Christensen – ‘El Ray Push My Button’
* Reserve Champion: Rhiannon Hart – ‘Silkwood Ribbons & Bows’

Ridden Show Hunter Pony

* Champion: L Daetz – ‘Readimarr Blue Lace’
* Reserve Champion: Kylie Raymont – ‘Kylilar Script’

Junior Rider

* Champion: Cyvala Marshall
* Reserve Champion: Havali Marshall

Intermediate Rider

* Champion: Brooke Reed
* Reserve Champion: Rhiannon Hart

Supreme Led of the Show

Kylie Raymont – ‘Lady in Red’

Supreme Hack of the Show

A. Christensen – ‘El Ray Push My Button’

Supreme Hunter of the Show

L. Daetz – ‘Readimarr Blue Lace’

Champion of Champions

Havali Marshall – ‘Arajay Park Fire Fox’

Downer Position Vacant - click here
Downer Position Vacant - click here

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