The Yellowbelly in Boondooma Dam are big, in good condition and ready for winter

April 2, 2018

by Matthew Langford

Boondooma and Lake Barambah have experienced a very small influx of water from some great rain over the South Burnett recently.

Although it wasn’t a lot, it was very welcome with Boondooma sitting at 34 per cent and Bjelke-Petersen Dam at 8 per cent.

Anglers haven’t been too disappointed with mixed reports coming from both dams.

It’s great to see so many people coming to our dams, even with the lower water levels.

Over the next few weeks, we should see the fishing improve considerably as the dropping temperatures stabilise.

* * *

Lake Boondooma

Boondooma has been fishing reasonably well in the main basin of the dam.

There are a few good options when you’re fishing during this time of year, although it does pay to be patient.

The dam has grown some scattered weed edges over the summer months and these will come into play now that the water is beginning to cool.

I’d start the day along these weed edges and begin by throwing lipless cranks, chatterbaits or spinnerbaits up to the weed edges and begin a slow retrieve back to the boat. This is your most likely chance of coming across some big healthy Bass and some Yellowbelly.

There are plenty of Bass schooled around the major points of the dam, particularly around areas where the wind blows past and creates current eddies.

Sound around areas such as the points around the rock walls near the dam wall and the major rocky points around the front of the dam. Here, the water is at its clearest due to the recent inflow.

When a school has been located, start by casting 5/8 spinnerbaits, 20 gram spoons and ½ ounce rigged soft plastic and count from five to seven seconds, depending on how deep the fish are sitting.

Consistent fast retrieves have been working best and it pays to put in multiple casts before you get a bite or a fish; ½ ounce rigged plastics have been a popular choice amongst anglers as the bait is a smaller profile and can be burnt fast as well to initiate a strike from any hungry fish.

Another great option, particularly if you have young kids, is to jig 30 to 40mm blades around the above-mentioned points. The most consistent depth out wider of these points is 20ft.

Dropping down a blade and jigging it vertically off the bottom is a great way to catch some fish and an easy technique for the kids.

Some great catches of Bass are still coming from Boondooma if you’re patient during the cooling water temps

Trollers are catching some nice Bass and Goldens in the main basin, trolling 5/8 spinnerbaits and deep-diving hard bodies around the major points and tight along the big steep rock walls.

Redclaw have been coming in pretty thick of late and some big lobster-size ones as well. Set your pots close to any rock structure or thick timber and you’re in with a good chance of a feed.

Soft fruit and vegetables have been the best bait as well as dog biscuits.

* * *

Lake Barambah

Anglers young and old are still enjoying the fishing at BP … this Bass was caught walking the bank by Dion

BP Dam has been a little tough of late for the lure casters due to the cooling weather and low water levels but fish are still getting caught if you’re willing to put in the time.

Bass and Goldens in some areas have been thick and sessions in the double digits still aren’t uncommon, so keep working on them if you’ve found a good show of fish.

Best areas of late have been wide around the Lightning Ridge area and the quarry, fishing down the drop offs.

The deeper water from Bass Point right down the middle to the public boat ramp is also worth of a drift or two.  Best baits have been ½ ounce rigged plastics, ¼ ounce blades spinnerbaits and chatterbaits.

Because BP is a shallow dam, most fish generally congregate around areas in the dam where drop offs are. The best way to find these drop offs is to use your sounder and find them or look for points or banks that drop away quickly.

Cast your lure up shallow and slowly wind it down the slope and try to keep it close to the bottom. I always try to imagine where my lure is sitting close to the bottom to keep in contact with the fish or the “strike zone”.

I consistently let the lure touch the bottom so that I know I’m always close as I wind my lure back to the boat. Using this method usually puts you on to fish eventually.

½ ounce rigged plastics and 40 mm blades have been the standout bait at BP on the Bass recently

Be wary, though: from Bass Point onwards towards the timber the water is very shallow.

Trollers are getting some nice Bass and Goldens trolling over the drop offs out from Bass Point and down the middle of the dam between Bass Point and the caravan park boat ramp.

You should also try trolling over the prominent points of the dam using spinnerbaits and blades.

Bait fisherman are getting heaps of table fish, fishing just about anywhere on the dam that is over 10 feet deep and near any structure.

Best baits have been shrimps and worms.

There is some Redclaw still about, as well, so make sure you pack the pots.

* * *

Charter News

Don’t forget that you can also book a fishing charter with me on BP and Boondooma dams.

If you’d like a great day out and all the info and knowledge to catch Bass or Yellowbelly in our two great dams, make sure you give me a call on 0408-658-592 and I’ll be happy to take you out for a great day’s fishing.

Hope to see you on the water soon …

Until next month, tight lines and bent rods!

[Photos: Matthew Langford]

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