Aunty Sandra Morgan outside the Boys Dormitory building site … hoping for the Conference Room area to be open again by the end of the year

September 24, 2018

There’s plenty of changes happening at Cherbourg’s historical precinct with two major building projects under way.

Builders are currently hard at work on the upgrades to the former Boys Dormitory.

A ramp access has been created at one end of the building, along with the installation of new toilets.

As well, work on restoring some of the actual dormitory rooms is also happening.

Ration Shed Museum president, Aunty Sandra Morgan, said she was hoping the Boys Dormitory conference room area at least would be up and running before the end of the year.

Electricians have also installed new wiring in the building, and new concrete pathways have also been laid linking the various buildings in the historic precinct.

Exhibitions usually housed in the Boys Dormitory are currently in storage while the building work proceeds.

Another major change is the relocation of a “new” wooden building to the rear of the Boys Dormitory.

This former house – which had been sitting vacant just around the corner – has been shifted into position and will become the new home of Barambah Pottery.

At the moment, the potters are working out of the Yidding Art Studio, also located in the historic precinct.

Robert “Rocko” Langton said the Pottery House would contain a room for the pottery wheels, a drying room and a room for the artists to use when decorating their pieces.

A separate small building would also be erected to house the electric kiln.

There were also plans for a combined souvenir shop and coffee shop for visitors.

As well as working on the Barambah Pottery pieces with his fellow artists – which are sold at The Ration Shed – Rocko is also being kept busy on a couple of other projects.

A large hardwood meeting table at the rear of The Ration Shed is being carved with decorations representing the various parts of Queensland that make up the homelands of Cherbourg residents, including an owl, emu, echidna, crocodile and barramundi.

A series of decorated poles are also planned to be installed in the nearby Anzac Memorial area in time for the centenary of Armistice, an extension of the “Boys From Barambah” project which traced the service of Cherbourg residents in World War I.

The poles will also be incorporated into the Boys From Barambah “augmented reality” experience.

Robert “Rocko” Langton … the Barambah Potters are currently working out of the Yidding Art Studio
Artist Venus Rabbitt with one of the smaller pottery pieces being crafted for visitors to The Ration Shed … as well as bowls and plates, the artists have been creating small jewellery items, such as this pendant, which have been proving popular
A new entrance and access ramp have been created at one of the Boys Dormitory building, leading to the new toilets area
Robert “Rocko” Langton and potter Fay Stumm outside the old building which will be turned into the new home for the Barambah Potters
Rocko with some of the carving which is taking shape on the meeting table at The Ration Shed
This former Cherbourg residence has been shifted into position and re-stumped and is now awaiting renovations to become the new home of Barambah Pottery
Downer Position Vacant - click here
Downer Position Vacant - click here

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