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Irrigators Given Brief Reprieve

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Water allocations from Boondooma Dam have been released by SunWater (Photo: Kate Jewell)

July 9, 2018

Irrigators reliant on Boondooma Dam will be able to use 24 per cent of their allocation for one month, or until the dam drops below its cut-off level.

The cut-off level is 268.7 mAHD (ie. metres above sea level); the dam is currently at 269.555 mAHD (76,228ML).

The Announced Allocation for the Boyne River & Tarong water supply scheme was released on Monday by SunWater following a meeting between State Government officials, North Burnett Regional Council and irrigators in Mundubbera on Friday.

The Announced Allocation will apply until revised by Sunwater.

It had been predicted irrigators would suffer a 55 to 95 per cent drop in Medium Priority water allocations, ie. down from 100 per cent in 2017-18 to between 5 and 45 per cent.

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