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Watch Out For New Members

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Cr Ros Heit with Wondai Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator Brian Hodson … Cr Heit has been trying to raise awareness in Wondai about the existence of the Neighbourhood Watch group

June 2, 2018

Wondai Neighbourhood Watch is on the lookout for crime … and for new members.

The group, which has been running for 30 years, meets quarterly at the Wondai Diggers Club but co-ordinator Brian Hodson says numbers are getting fewer and members are getting older.

Originally there were two Neighbourhood Watch groups in Wondai – one for Rural areas, and one for the town – but these were amalgamated some time back because of a lack of support.

He said the group currently had eight or nine members – one of whom was almost 90.

Brian, who has been co-ordinating the group since 1996, said the immediate need was for street co-ordinators, ie. a person willing to be a contact point for a street or block in town.

Mr Hodson said there was still a dislike is some parts of the population of people who “dob” others in, but this was disappearing as there had been some cars stolen in the town recently and some “frightening experiences”.

“We’re told a lady had her car keys on her bedside table; her keys were stolen and her car was stolen,” Brian said.

Neighbourhood Watch members report suspicious activities directly to police, and serve as a way for police to get information back out into the community quickly.

At present the group uses a “phone tree” to share information, so a member with some computer and social media skills could come in handy!

Wondai Police officers usually attend the group’s meetings.

Wondai Neighbourhood Watch meets on the first Tuesday of March, June, September and December.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

The next meeting will be held next Tuesday (June 5) from 7:30pm at the Wondai Diggers.

For more information about Neighbourhood Watch, contact Brian on (07) 4168-5957.

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