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Local MP Slams ‘Band-Aid’ Solution

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Opposition Leader and Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington with Darren Buckley, from Murgon Neighbourhood Watch in March this year (Photo: Nanango Electorate Office)

May 24, 2018

Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington has welcomed the recent crackdown on crime in Murgon and Cherbourg but said a statement by Police Minister Mark Ryan on Thursday was “a slap in the face for these communities”.

A statement from Mr Ryan’s office said recent raids by police in Murgon and Cherbourg – which resulted in 27 people being charged – were “a textbook illustration of modern policing strategy”.

“When a issue arises in a community police resources are promptly allocated to respond,” the statement continued.

Mrs Frecklington said Mr Ryan’s claims that “police resources are promptly allocated when an issue arises” were simply not true.

“We have been calling for extra police resourcing to tackle the crime wave in these communities since January this year,” she said.

“Four months doesn’t seem like a prompt response to me.

“It is obvious we need a more permanent solution in the South Burnett, not a fly-in, fly-out band-aid on this problem.

“I wrote a third letter to the Minister on May 18 (see below) urgently seeking more staffing and resources for the Murgon Police Station and a stronger, continued police presence in both Murgon and Cherbourg.

“The Minister can’t wipe his hands of this matter now and think it’s all fixed.

“The work must continue to address the crime wave.”

* * *

Mrs Frecklington’s third letter to Police Minister Mark Ryan:

I have now written to you on two occasions in regards to the crime wave in Murgon (February 5, 2018; and March 12, 2018).

Disappointingly, I have not yet received a reply to my March 12 correspondence.

I wish to highlight the urgent nature of this correspondence, in light of the sustained juvenile crime wave in Murgon and Cherbourg (which) continues.

This is causing a great deal of anxiety within the communities and it is becoming obvious more needs to be done to address this issue. 

As I noted in my letter of March 12, the community has become disillusioned with the current situation.

In particular, the community would like to see the presence of the Police Dog Squad or external police resources deployed to the region.

While I have been advised this has occurred, I would like to confirm the following:

(a) Dates and times the Police Dog Squad have been present in Murgon

(b) Their role and actions undertaken during their posting to Murgon

(c) Likelihood of the Police Dog Squad returning to Murgon in the future

(d) Dates and times for other external police resources deployed to Murgon and Cherbourg

I also ask again in relation to staffing at the Murgon Police Station.

I am concerned that in light of the current crime wave, the police resources in the township are not sufficient.

I request urgent consideration of a stronger police presence in Murgon and Cherbourg in order to display a co-ordinated effort in dealing with the juvenile crime.

This is an urgent matter.

I ask that you give this matter timely and due regard.

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[Originally published as “MP Slams ‘Band-Aid Solution’ To Crime’]

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