The intersection of the Wide Bay Highway and Bruce Highway … traffic waiting to turn onto the Bruce Highway banks up (Photo: TMR)

October 27, 2017

Detailed design work has begun for the $14 million upgrade of the Wide Bay Highway intersection with the Bruce Highway near Bells Bridge.

This work is expected to be completed by mid-2018 with construction to start by late 2018.

The Federal Government is contributing $11.2 million towards the project with the balance coming from the State Government.

The upgrade has come about after years of complaints about long delays for motorists wanting to turn right from the Wide Bay Highway onto the Bruce Highway.

This is a particular problem for trucks which require a larger gap to enter the traffic stream safely.

There have also been several serious crashes in the vicinity.

According to the project information, the upgrade will improve safety, reduce congestion for Wide Bay Highway traffic, and provide capacity for future growth.

The plan is to:

  • Widen the Bruce Highway to allow for a dedicated southbound acceleration lane between the north and southbound lanes.
  • Wide Bay Highway traffic will give way to Bruce Highway traffic on their right and traffic turning into the Wide Bay Highway before moving into a dedicated acceleration lane, where they will give way to their left.
  • The left-turn lane from the Bruce Highway onto the Wide Bay Highway will also be physically separated from the northbound through lane to improve visibility for Wide Bay Highway traffic when entering the Bruce Highway.
  • Southbound through traffic on the Bruce Highway will continue south, and will be required to observe for potential merging movements from the right.

Representatives from the Department of Transport and Main Roads have spoken to local residents, but have also encouraged members of the community to provide input on the proposed layout (below) by email or by phoning 1300-728-390.

The suggested plans for the upgrade to the Wide Bay Highway / Bruce Highway intersection (Illustration: TMR)