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Thumbs Up For Another Great Carnival

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Despite the fact their team, "Class On Grass", was knocked out earlier in the competition Wiley Bice, Craig Barnes and Michael Gibson stayed to enjoy the soccer action

Action in the hard-fought Grand Final of the Men's competition between Kingaroy's Merry Men (in orange) and Rockville

March 2, 2017

It was a big weekend for South Burnett soccer players and fans, but a few local businesses should be smiling, too.

Kingaroy Senior Soccer club’s annual Soccer Sevens carnival ran across Saturday and Sunday at Tom Alford Oval in Kingaroy.

There were 39 teams taking part – each with seven players, plus reserves and accompanied by supporters.

Admittedly,  a few of the teams were from Kingaroy and Nanango, but even so there was strong demand for motel rooms, with many players arriving on Friday.

The visitors came from Hervey Bay, Roma and Toowoomba and provided some strong competition for the local teams.

But in the end Kingaroy teams won two out of the three grand finals played – the prestigious men’s competition as well as the Over 35’s category.

Action was non-stop across five fields with only minutes between each game.

On Sunday, the quarter-finals, semis and grand finals were played simultaneously across three fields.

In another bid to keep the games to schedule, there was no extra time played. Drawn matches went straight to a penalty shootout.

In the Women’s competition, both semi-finals were decided by a shootout.

The Kingaroy Soccer Sevens is a real family weekend ... sisters Claire and Imogen Malone, both 4; and Jorja, 5, and Billie Stubbs, 7, from Toowoomba

Nanango's Panthers were knocked out of the competition in a semi-final against the Merry Men

Kingaroy's Merry Maids were eliminated from the Women's competition by Kawana Lady Fingers in a penalty shootout after a very close semi-final

Not probably where you want your goalie to be when the ball goes whizzing by ...

* * *

Men’s (18 teams)

Kingaroy's Merry Men slot home a goal against Nanango in the local derby semi-final of the Men's competition

Preliminary Rounds

  • Pool A – 1st Agonisms; 2nd West Wanderers
  • Pool B – 1st Merry Men; 2nd Hervey Bay United
  • Pool C – 1st Nanango; 2nd Rockville
  • Pool D – 1st Spitfires; 2nd Roma


  • Merry Men 3 def. West Wanderers
  • Hervey Bay United def. Agonisms in a penalty shootout after finishing 1-all
  • Nanango 4 def. Roma 1
  • Rockville def. Spitfire in a penalty shootout after finishing nil all


  • Merry Men 2 def. Nanango 1
  • Rockville def. Hervey Bay United in a penalty shootout after finishing 1-all

Grand Final

  • Merry Men 1 def. Rockville 0

Kingaroy's Merry Men defeated Rockville in the Grand Final

* * *

Women’s (11 teams) 

A crowded goal mouth in the Women's Grand Final between Rockville and Kawana Lady Fingers

Preliminary Rounds

  • Pool A – 1st Rockville; 2nd Merry Maids
  • Pool B – 1st Kawana Lady Fingers; 2nd Kangaroos


  • Rockville def. Kangaroos in a penalty shootout
  • Kawana Lady Fingers def. Merry Maids in a penalty shootout

Grand Final

  • Rockville 2 def. Kawana Lady Fingers 0

Rockville (and their canine mascot) celebrate after defeating Kawana Lady Fingers in the Grand Final

* * *

Over 35s (10 teams)

Action between the The Roos and Kingaroy's Fossils in the Over 35s Grand Final

Preliminary Rounds

  • Pool A – 1st Toowoomba; 2nd Agonisms
  • Pool B – 1st The Roos; 2nd Fossils


  • Fossils 3 def. Toowoomba 1
  • The Roos 2 def. Agonisms 0

Grand Final

  • Fossils 1 def. The Roos 0

It has been a long time between drinks for the veteran Fossils but they celebrated immediately afterwards by splitting a carton with their vanquished foes in the Over 35s Grand Final

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