Nanango Police Officer-in-Charge Sergeant Jason Newton with Ron Gibbs, from Dalby

December 8, 2013

Nanango Police are urging residents to pay special attention to securing their motorbikes after a spate of thefts in the area.

Officer-in-Charge Sergeant Jason Newton manned a Neighbourhood Watch stall at the Nanango markets on Saturday to distribute flyers to local residents to urge them to take measures to reduce crime.

“Eight motorbikes have been stolen so far this year at Nanango,” Sgt Newton said.

“All of these thefts could have been easily avoided. Some even had the keys in the ignition!”

Only two of the vehicles have been recovered, including a quad bike located by police after a search at Maidenwell recently.

“If people locked their garages and took a few simple precautions, it would make it a lot harder for thieves,” Sgt Newton said.

Some facts from Nanango Police:

  • All vehicles stolen in Nanango have been left unlocked
  • 60 per cent of vehicles stolen are motorbikes which have been left unsecured
  • Tools and rural machinery are the most common items stolen
  • 65 per cent of break and enters in Nanango are to unsecured premises

What you can do about it:

  • Secure your valuables, including those in the trays of utilities
  • Lock and secure cars, homes and businesses
  • Watch for suspect activity and report all suspicions to police via Crimestoppers 1800-333-000 or PoliceLink 13-14-44 or Nanango Police directly (07) 4163-1211

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