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Mayor Upset By Wind Farm ‘Misinformation’

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Western Downs Regional Council
Mayor Ray Brown

October 19, 2012

Western Downs Mayor Ray Brown is saddened that misinformation has split the community over the proposed Coopers Gap wind farm.

Cr Brown told today that there had been a lot of “scaremongering” and wrong information about the project from both opponents and proponents of the scheme.

He said his Council did not even have a development application before it yet, and was not “taking sides” in the public debate.

The Council had spoken to groups both in favour of the project and against it in a bid to ensure community attitudes were informed by science.

“There has been a terrible amount of misinformation,” Cr Brown said.

“It is terribly disappointing how it has turned neighbour against neighbour, mainly because of misinformation.

“We deal with facts. We don’t want people making up their minds based on extreme emotions.

“The public deserves a fully transparent informed decision. We want the truth, backed up by science.”

Cr Brown said the wind farm would have to meet the planning grounds of both his council and the South Burnett Regional Council in regards to noise and other environmental criteria, but he believed the ultimate decision would rest with the State Government.

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One Response to Mayor Upset By Wind Farm ‘Misinformation’

  1. Congratulations to the Western Downs Regional Council for taking up the challenge of renewable energy projects. The Shire has every source of power generation project either active or in the process

    As usual the scaremongering and fear campaigners will voice their opinions and try to push hard to be heard. Whether people live on the boundaries of a project and miss out on financial gain, overinflate their financial demands and get knocked back, uneducated fear of change or something new, believe everything they read on the internet or a combination of any, there will be somebody somewhere unhappy about every project.

    Unlike fossil fuel projects that have proven serious health risks associated with them, wind farms for decades have now worked in harmony around people and animals with absolutely no proven health, economic or environmental impacts. The scientific evidence is continually being tested and re-proven with live data.

    If you are training a horse, for example, and claim that wind turbines will effect their training, then this is just a myth. Anyone who trains horses will know that having external factors around a horse is essential … traffic, dogs, loud noises etc.

    If you graze livestock, they really don’t care what is in the paddock around them. Usually they will wander up, check it out, lick it, sniff it and move on with absolutely no effect whatsoever.

    The renewable energy sector will continue to grow and reduce power generation costs bringing down energy prices for the consumer.

    The sooner this project is completed and on the grid, the better for everyone.