South Burnett Regional Council will spend more than $20 million resealing, constructing and maintaining the region’s roads this financial year as part of its “back to basics” approach
South Burnett Mayor Kathy Duff

July 11, 2024

South Burnett Regional Council will spend more than $20 million on road construction and maintenance work over the next 12 months.

Several major projects were announced at Council’s 2024-25 Budget Meeting on Wednesday.

The sealed roads program will include:

  • $2.9 million for the continuing reconstruction of Tingoora-Chelmsford Road
  • $1 million in major pavement repairs
  • $241,000 for Alice Street, Kingaroy, major repairs
  • $500,000 in shoulder resheeting
  • $550,000 in design works in advance of the 25/26 program

A total of $6 million will also be spent for reseals and rehabilitation of more than 40 roads across the region, including parts of:

  • Woltmanns Road, Durong
  • Hardiker Street, Moffatdale
  • Wesslings Road, Murgon
  • Ferris Road, Murgon
  • Bicks Road, Merlwood
  • Industrial Avenue, Kingaroy
  • North Branch Road, Booie
  • Nukku Road, Blackbutt
  • Muir Street, Blackbutt
  • Old Wondai Road, Wondai

Footpath replacements and safety in and around schools will also receive a $1.4 million uptick covering the following projects:

  • Tessmanns Road footpath extension – $242k
  • Nanango SHS footpath and kerb renewal – $300k
  • Murgon State School footpath renewal – $124k
  • Tanduringie State School carpark extension and footpath – $124k
  • St Patrick’s School pedestrian works – $195k
  • Nanango CBD footpath replacement – $228k
  • Nanango-Brooklands Road footpath – $26k
  • Bunya Avenue footpath – $70k
  • Lamb Street, Murgon, footpath replacement – $103k

Other routine road resealing, rehabilitation and renewal projects will consume the remaining $8.8 million funding.

“This term is very much about moving back to basics right across our region,” Mayor Kathy Duff said.

“While we have a journey to improve our roads, this will be the first year where we focus particularly on our sealed network renewals.

“Road maintenance will be an area that we continue to improve and look to do more across the region with an increase in budget to approximately $7 million.

“We (also) have a flood damage program of about $16 million left to complete, including some $4.5 million in betterment projects, and these will make a real difference across our community.

“Council has doubled down on its commitment to improve the region’s roads that will deliver a new focus on reseals, rehabilitation and maintenance.”


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