South Burnett Mayor Kathy Duff

June 12, 2024

South Burnett Mayor Kathy Duff is encouraging people intending to build new homes in the region to apply for a grant that could save them paying Council infrastructure charges.

On Monday, the State Government unveiled its new $350 million Incentivising Infill Development Fund (IIDF) which aims to encourage the construction of affordable and well-located homes to ease the State’s housing crisis.

Successful applicants will be relieved of the burden of Council infrastructure charges which can add as much as $15,000 to a typical housing development application.

Mayor Duff said she would encourage anyone thinking of building new housing in the region to investigate the IIDF grant program.

“Unfortunately Council can’t cancel infrastructure charges or apply on anyone’s behalf – it’s up to property owners to apply directly to the fund themselves,” Mayor Duff said.

“But if their application is successful, the fund will pay for Council’s infrastructure charges, and that would be a big win for them.”

The Mayor said the region’s housing shortage meant the number of people experiencing homelessness was high and affordable new housing was desperately needed.

However, the current cost-of-living squeeze had made some property developers defer building houses.

She is hopeful the IIDF will encourage some of them to rethink their plans.


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  1. Hey Kathy, how about getting the police to do something about trucks parking in the no stopping zone in front of the Nanango BP? Not just illegal but they make if very dangerous for drivers exiting the gas station. You can’t see vehicles coming along the highway until the front of your vehicle is halfway on to the road.

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