Sunpork chief commercial officer Rhys Collins, Coles national livestock manager Dale Pemberton, Coles team manager Rebecca Jamieson and Swickers general manager Linchon Hawks  (Photo: Coles)

November 6, 2023

Giant supermarket chain Coles has entered into a new partnership with Sunpork to supply Kingaroy-sourced pork to Queensland shoppers.

The new arrangement came into place on October 25, with Coles now getting its pork from Sunpork’s Swickers complex in Kingaroy.

A Coles’ spokesperson said the chain’s relationship with Sunpork would not only support Queensland pork farmers but would see a significant reduction in “food miles”, helping Coles’ commitment to sustainability.

Before this landmark partnership, Coles transported pork to its Queensland supermarkets from other States.

Coles’ general manager Martin Smithson said it was great news for Queensland customers as well as farmers across the State, and would see a significant investment in the Queensland pork industry in the first year of operations.

“Locally sourcing pork is a win for Queensland customers and farmers, and importantly helps us achieve a more sustainable future, and supports our aim of helping Australians eat and live better every day,” Mr Smithson said.

Australian Pork CEO Margo Andrae said Coles’ decision to commence procurement and processing in Queensland for the first time would be welcomed by Queensland pork producers.

“It means that food miles will be reduced, and Queensland customers will be provided with high quality, locally grown pork products,” Ms Andrae said.

Sunpork chief commercial officer Rhys Collins said the partnership with Coles would offer Queenslanders quality and great value pork to feed to their families.

“Our partnership with Coles gives Sunpork confidence to continue to invest in our business with a firm focus on our people, meeting our sustainability goals and animal welfare targets,” Mr Collins said.



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