At 3:25pm on Friday, QFES issued a LEAVE IMMEDIATELY bushfire emergency warning for Shellytop Road at Durong … this has since been downgraded to RETURN WITH CAUTION

October 27, 2023

At 10:07pm on Friday, QFES advised residents in the Shellytop Road area at Durong they could RETURN WITH CAUTION.

The alert was downgraded from the earlier LEAVE IMMEDIATELY warning.


At 3:25pm on Friday, QFES issued a LEAVE IMMEDIATELY bushfire emergency warning for Shellytop Road at Durong.

The warning was repeated at 6:28pm and 7:36pm.

The fire broke out just after 1:00pm.

At 5:00pm, there were 12 fire crews on site.

The warning area covers Shellytop Road, between Mundubbera-Durong Road and Chinchilla-Wondai Road.

A QFES spokesperson said a large, fast-moving fire was burning near Chinchilla-Wondai Road.

It was expected to impact Shellytop Road very soon.

LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. Your life could be at risk. It will soon be too dangerous to drive.

If your life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.‎

* * *

What You Should Do:

– LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and follow your bushfire survival plan now.
– Go to a place away from the Emergency Warning area. Plan how you will get there. Tell others where you are going.
– Avoid driving on Chinchilla-Wondai Road.
– Check for road closures before you leave at the Qld Traffic website or call 13-19-40.
– Wear protective clothing and stay hydrated.
– Keep medications close by.
– Stay informed.
– Keep checking the QFES Current Bushfires and Warnings website
– Follow QFES on Facebook and Twitter.
– Listen to your local radio station.
– Do not fly drones around the fire. Drones affect air operations.


– Properties have been impacted.
– Firefighters may not be able to stop the fire from getting closer. Don’t expect a firefighter at your door.
– Power, water and mobile phone services may stop working soon.
– Smoke will make it hard to see and breathe. The smoke will sting your eyes.
– It will be hot and loud. You may hear explosions nearby.
– The sky will be dark.
– You could be isolated.

If you can’t leave safely:

– Turn garden sprinklers on to soak the ground.
– Bring doormats and outdoor furniture inside or away from the house.
– Block downpipes at the top and fill gutters with water if you can.
– Find a safe place to shelter, preferably inside a brick building.
– Close windows, doors and vents.
– Seal gaps under doors and windows with wet towels.
– Fill containers with water for drinking and firefighting.
– Bring pets inside. Give them water to drink. Keep them safe.

Further Information:

– For all warnings, visit Current Incidents.
– For road closures, visit Qld Traffic or call 13-19-40.
– If you stay, find out how to be safe: Prepare – Bushfire – Know Your Risks – Will You Stay

Next update by 5:25pm or sooner if the situation changes.

This warning is from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

[UPDATED. Published originally as “Shellytop Road: Leave Immediately”]



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