At 3:54pm on Friday, QFES issued a PREPARE TO LEAVE bushfire warning for Durong … this has since been downgraded to STAY INFORMED

October 27, 2023

At 10:09pm on Friday, QFES downgraded the alert for a bushfire burning in the Durong area to STAY INFORMED.

The alert advised there was no immediate danger but residents should stay informed because conditions could change.

The warning was for properties between Mundubbera-Durong Road, Shellytop Road and Chinchilla-Wondai Road.


At 3:54pm on Friday, QFES issued a PREPARE TO LEAVE bushfire warning for Durong.

The warning was repeated at 6:38pm and 7:37pm.

Warning level: WATCH AND ACT.

Warning area: People between McLean Road and Chinchilla-Wondai Road.

A large, fast-moving fire is burning near Chinchilla-Wondai Road. It is travelling towards Shellytop Road.

Conditions could get worse quickly.

Firefighters are working to control the fire. You should not expect a firefighter at your door.

If your life is in danger, call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

At 6:00pm: There were 12 fire crews at the scene.

A QFES spokesperson said bulldozers had been brought in to cut fire breaks.

While the southern end of the blaze was mostly contained, firefighters were struggling to control the western edge due to the high winds.

* * *

What You Should Do:

  • If you have a bushfire survival plan, follow it now.
  • Prepare now so you can leave quickly if the bushfire gets close.
  • Decide where you and the people you live with will go. This could be with family or a friend away from the fire. Plan how you will get there. Tell others where you will go.
  • Charge mobile phones and power banks.
  • Be ready to take your pets, pet food, pet lead or crate/carrier.
  • Pack a bag with a mobile phone charger, enough clothes for five days, important documents (like ID, insurance papers, passports and photos), medicine, cash and keys.
  • If you do not drive, call your support service, a family member or a friend to organise transport if you need to leave or want to leave.
  • If you find it hard to move quickly, leaving now is your safest option.
  • Avoid driving on Chinchilla-Wondai Road.
  • Keep medications close by.
  • Move flammable items away from your house if you can.
  • Help others if it’s safe to do so.
  • Watch out for firefighters working in the area.
  • Do not fly drones around the fire. Drones affect air operations.

Stay informed:


  • Some properties are at risk.
  • The fire is likely to impact the community later today.
  • Smoke can make it hard for some people to breathe.
  • Smoke can make it hard to see when you are driving.
  • Burning embers may reach properties. Try to put them out quickly with water.
  • Roads may be closed or impacted.
  • Power, water, and mobile phone services may be impacted as the fire gets closer.

Further information:

Next update by 5:54pm or sooner if the situation changes.

[UPDATED. Published originally as “Durong Fire: Prepare To Leave”]


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