The 60km/h sign on the Bunya Highway coming into Wooroolin from the south … a local resident wants this changed to 50km/h

October 23, 2023

A Wooroolin resident has launched an official petition to the State Government seeking to have the speed limit through Wooroolin lowered to 50km/h.

The e-Petition has been sponsored by Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington.

Mrs Frecklington said she was approached by Peter Wingfield who had expressed concerns about the dangers faced by school children and pedestrians in Wooroolin.

“I caught up with Peter at the Wooroolin Markets and he raised his major concerns about the safety of school children who must cross the busy Bunya Highway each day to catch the school bus,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“The kids must cross at the busiest time of the day to wait at the bus stop, plus we also have the town’s main parking area, the children’s playground, amenities and caravan parking which are also all located on the opposite side of the highway to the shops and services.

“I support Peter’s call for creating a safer road environment for the school students and pedestrians.

“We are asking the State Government to reduce the speed limit on the Bunya Highway through Wooroolin to 50km/h.

“I would encourage the local community to get behind the petition, which will be available in hard copy form in Wooroolin shops, at the Nanango Electorate Office and online.”

Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington with local resident Peter Wingfield (Photo: Nanango Electorate Office)
The bus shelter is on the eastern side of the Bunya Highway, forcing schoolchildren to cross the busy road


2 Responses to "Petition Seeks To Lower Speed Limit"

  1. Lower the limit to whatever you want, it won’t stop the idiots who think they are more important than everyone else from driving as fast as they want. And there are a scary number of them on the road

  2. It’s all very nice to introduce new limits. But there should also be enough police/manpower on the road to enforce them and issue fines high enough so that the offenders think twice about driving too fast again. And last, but not least, be strict with repeat offenders – not only take away their licences but also their cars.

    In that regard, my hopes that these two measures would have any effect are quite small. Most of these people would have no second thought of driving without a licence or using a stolen car.

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