Cloyna State School … enrolment projections may not necessarily be accurate, according to Education Queensland

August 18, 2023

There are no plans to close Cloyna State School at this time.

An Education Queensland spokesperson confirmed this to on Friday.

The Cloyna school was one of several regional Queensland schools named by the Courier-Mail newspaper this week as at risk of closure.

According to the newspaper, the school’s current enrolment is 11 students but projections suggested it would drop to just one in 2027.

“The department recognises the important role that State schools play in all communities across the State, including those in rural and remote areas of Queensland,” the spokesperson said.

“There is no plan to close Cloyna State School at this time.

“Many schools are subject to fluctuations in enrolments as a result of demographic factors in the communities they serve.

“The department considers short, medium, and long-term enrolment demand in determining whether to support the temporary closure of a school due to a lack of enrolments.

“Enrolment projections are based on trends and may not necessarily accurately reflect the number of students that will be enrolled at a school at a future date.

“Temporary closures will only occur after extensive consultation with stakeholders.

“School sites can be held by the department for potential future use and reopened if enrolments increase.

“The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring all students, no matter where they live, have access to high quality learning opportunities.

“Where necessary, the department works closely with individual families to ensure continuity of their child’s education at the nearest educational facility, or through support for the delivery of education by other means such as distance education.”



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