The future of Tingoora Hall and the blocks of land it sits on has proven to be a difficult decision

August 5, 2022

A consultation meeting will be held at Tingoora State School next week to discuss the fate of Tingoora Hall.

South Burnett Regional Council is investigating demolishing the hall but because of its complicated ownership structure, must first call a public meeting of local residents.

The hall was built early last century by a community group under trustee arrangements.

It has since fallen into disuse, looks decrepit and is believed to contain asbestos.

Council wrote the hall off its asset register almost a decade ago and has no plans to replace it.

However, it sits on two blocks of land, one owned by the SBRC and the other by the now-defunct residents’ trust.

At a Council meeting in May last year, SBRC properties manager Leanne Petersen said Council had received legal advice about the issue.

They were told Council would need to call a public meeting of Tingoora residents as a first step.

Under the terms of the trust, an invitation to attend the public meeting would have to be sent to all residents who lived within a three-mile radius of the town centre.

If that meeting then voted to re-form the trust committee, it would need to elect six Tingoora residents to that committee.

Those six members could then pass a vote allowing the hall to be removed or demolished and the block of land it owned to be put on the market.

The Council has invited interested residents to attend a community consultation meeting at Tingoora State School from 5:30pm on August 15 to listen to Council’s options and voice their views.

Residents unable to attend the meeting have been invited to email email their views to Council.

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