There are potholes and then there’s the mother of all potholes … like this one on Dip Road at Windera, which is one of 35 road improvement projects the SBRC will submit to the QRA for betterment funding (Photo: SBRC)

July 19, 2022

South Burnett Regional Council will submit 35 road improvement projects to the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) in the hope of securing “betterment” funding for some or all of them.

The roads were smashed in four separate floods that struck the South Burnett between November and May.

While the Council estimates that as many as 1000 of the region’s roads will need post-flood repairs, the 35 projects it will submit to the QRA are among the worst-affected.

They are also the most capable of being improved so they do not suffer the same level of damage in future floods.

At this month’s Infrastructure Standing Committee meeting, officers presented a list of 32 roads that will be submitted to a $150 million Roads and Transport Betterment Projects fund for consideration.

Three of these roads require work in two separate locations, making 35 projects in all.

If accepted, officers expect the QRA will contribute 90 per cent of the costs for each approved project, with Council contributing the remaining 10 per cent.

Most of the roads nominated by Council officers are rural roads which have suffered severe washouts.

But four urban roads that have had major pavement failures are also included, along with a small section of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail at risk of being eroded by a nearby creek.

The nominated projects are:

1. Springs Road, Fairdale
2. Burnett Street, Kingaroy
3. Williams Road, Benarkin North
4. Dip Road, Windera (two sections)
5. Manumbar Road, Murgon
6. Manumbar Road, Sandy Ridges
7. Maidenwell-Upper Yarraman Road, Maidenwell
8. Gooyong Street, Kingaroy
9. Mt McEuen Road, Mt McEuen
10. Arthur Street East, Nanango
11. Rail Trail, Benarkin
12. Greenview Road and Dingo Creek car park, Wondai
13. Flagstone Creek Road, Haly Creek
14. Hodges Road, Kingaroy
15. Belle Street, Kingaroy
16. Lamperds Road, Memerambi
17. Recreation Drive, Memerambi
18. Kings Bridge Road, Wyalla/Sandy Ridges (two sections)
19. Pedersens Road, Dangore
20. Mondure Crossing Road, Glan Devon
21. Jerrards Road, Boondooma
22. Mercer Springate Road, East Nanango
23. Cushnie Road, Cushnie
24. Kearneys Road, Kumbia
25. Manar Road, Boondooma
26. Stonelands Road, Stonelands/Hivesville
27. Hoopers Road, Taabinga
28. Ironpot Road, Kumbia/Chahpingah
29. Trentham Lane, Okeden/Brigooda
30. Finnemores Road, Redgate/Moondooner
31. Magees Road, Inverlaw/Benair
32. Walkers Road, Ballogie (two sections)

The complete betterment roads list – along with photos of each project and outlines of the work needed to fix each one – can be downloaded here (5.5Mb PDF)

The list will be presented again for final approval at Wednesday’s General Meeting, where it is expected to be passed unanimously.

Another road badly in need of a major repairs … Kings Bridge Road between Wyalla and Sandy Ridges (Photo: SBRC)

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