Nursing student Doreen Chelimo examines a bunya pine branch … at back, UniSQ Elder-in-Residence Uncle Wayne Fossey explains the importance of the bunya pine to students (Photo: UniSQ)
The new logo features a stylised bunya pine

June 30, 2022

The University of Southern Queensland has decided to rebrand … it has adopted a new nickname and a new logo.

The university has ditched its “USQ” nickname in favour of “UniSQ” and its new logo features a stylised bunya pine.

The bunya represents growth, strength and journeys and the uni’s connection to southern Queensland.

It also acknowledges the significance the tree holds for the thousands of generations of First Nations’ families who have called the region home.

University Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie said the time was right to continue the “confident evolvement” of the tertiary institution.

“This exciting new chapter for our university goes far beyond, and much deeper, than just a new logo,” Prof Mackenzie said.

“Innovation was very much part of our university from the early days; from pioneering distance education in 1977, to launching off-shore offerings in the 1980s and being one of the first universities to establish a dedicated office for First Nations students in 1986.”

Pro Vice-Chancellor Shawn Walker said the new brand was developed after extensive market research.

“Over the past 55 years, our educational institution has been known by different names and had four different logos, but at the core, our values have remained the same,” he said.

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5 Responses to "New Look For University"

  1. How much “extensive market research” really went into this? The new logo looks utterly cheap, lazy and uninspired.

    There was absolutely no reason to get rid of the phoenix. This new rebrand is a massive disappointment.

  2. Vanilla as. Uninspired and uninspiring, not to mention unnecessary. The latest in an increasingly long line of poor decisions.

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