Community members joined local schoolchildren to raise awareness about domestic and family violence

May 25, 2022

There were bagpipes, children, dogs and laughter, but Wednesday’s march through the streets of Cherbourg had a very serious message: domestic and family violence, not now, not ever!

QPS Pipes and Drums band members travelled up from Brisbane to lead the annual march, followed by Cherbourg residents and schoolchildren.

The march began at Cherbourg State School after short talks to the students by Cr Leighton Costello and Cr Bronwyn Murray.

Cr Murray, who is involved with the Uniting Care Safe House in Cherbourg, had an important message for the youngsters: “There’s always someone you can talk to!”

It could be an aunt or uncle, another family member, a teacher, police, staff at the hospital …

But she also had an important message for the adults present: “Please be open to these children!”

Listen to them, don’t shut them down if they come to talk to you …

The marchers headed down Fisher Street, up Marshall Street and down Broadway Street before turning into Barambah Avenue and heading back towards the school.

The annual event aims to raise awareness in the community, and there’s not doubt that this one did!

As they marched, many local residents watched on from their verandahs and porches, drawn to the sight by the sound of the bagpipes.

Three of the “Kops In Kilts” … Harrison Plath, Yvonne Coustley and Simon Harris
The team at the Uniting Care Safe House … Sherry Sandow, Cr Bronwyn Murray, Lizzie Fisher and Daisy Williams
The QPS Pipes and Drums led the way as the marchers headed off down Fisher Street
Murgon State High School had a contingent in the march
Kimberly Barrett and community members with one of the many banners in the march
Senior Constable Tamara White, Acting Sergeant Rob Firman, Inspector Scott Stahlhut, Cherbourg State School principal Boyd Mclean, Senior Sergeant Brett Everest, Sergeant Allyson Sanewski, Senior Constable Danielle Gordon and Louise Thompson, from Cherbourg Police Station
The marchers head down Barambah Avenue, accompanied by the Kops In Kilts

* * *

Raw Video Of The March

(with apologies for the sound quality)

* * *

Kops In Kilts

During their visit to the South Burnett, the “Kops In Kilts”, ie. the QPS Pipes and Drums, brought their show along to Coolabunia State School, Kingaroy State School and St Mary’s Catholic College this week.  

The visits are designed to break down barriers with police as well as have a bit of fun and enjoy some Scottish music.

Police also took the opportunity of talking to secondary students about cyber bullying and sexting.

Kops In Kilts at St Mary’s Catholic College …
… and at Coolabunia State School …
… and at Kingaroy State School (Photos: QPS)

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