Bandsperson Cameron Appleton-Seymour and Senior Bandsperson Charlie Mackenzie were two of the performers at Cherbourg on Wednesday morning

September 8, 2021

Why are they wearing skirts? One of the young children in the audience came straight to the point when the “Kops In Kilts” visited Cherbourg State School on Wednesday morning.

And you must admit, it’s not every day that Cherbourg residents would see kilts mixed with police badges and bagpipes …

The special performance by the 10 bandspeople (in kilts) also attracted visiting students from Wheatlands and Moffatdale State schools, St Joseph’s Primary School in Murgon and Gundoo Early Childhood Centre.

Sgt Cameron Foster told the band was based in Brisbane and travelled mainly around south-east Queensland.

The visits are designed to break down barriers with police, but this time it was also an opportunity for the youngsters to learn a bit more about Scottish culture.

The Cherbourg visit was the result of a promise made to return to the community.

Back in May, the band visited during Domestic Violence Month to take part in a street march – and it poured rain – so they promised to come back.

The Cherbourg visit was just one of two gigs the band played in the South Burnett on Wednesday; later in the afternoon, the Kops in Kilts visited Orana Aged Care in Kingaroy to perform for residents.

Sergeant Cameron Foster, from Brisbane, introduces the Kops In Kilts to the primary school students
Local police also enjoyed the performance … Acting Senior Constable Aaron Hartwell, Cherbourg Station; Murgon Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Brett Everest and South Burnett Domestic and Family Violence co-ordinator Sergeant Allyson Sanewksi, who organised the visit

Cherbourg Council’s Community Services Manager Edwina Stewart had a surprise “Happy Birthday” serenade played on bagpipes

The kilted cops shared music from around the world, including the Mexican Hat song; they also donned hard hats for “Bob The Builder”
Children joined the band for their big finale

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