Roy Radunz and Del Blanch were handing out “How To Votes” for the LNP at Wondai Memorial Hall on Saturday morning

May 23, 2022

Wet weather did not deter voters from turning out at polling booths across the South Burnett on Saturday.

Although there had been a high turnout at the Early Voting Centres in Kingaroy and Nanango, it was obvious many voters had still left it to Saturday to cast their ballots.

Sadly, “democracy sausages” were absent from most venues, with fundraisers probably deterred by the rain.

But the damp conditions could not stop the party volunteers who sheltered outside the voting venues – some under umbrellas while others enjoyed the relative luxury of a marquee.

After all this effort, nothing much has changed in the South Burnett with the LNP securing victory in all three seats which cross the region (see latest voting figures, below).

In Maranoa, David Littleproud romped past the 50 per cent mark early in the counting although he suffered a small swing against him.

In Flynn, former member for the State seat of Callide, Colin Boyce, (LNP) held off a stiff challenge from Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett (ALP).

A by-election will now be held on June 18 to fill the vacant seat of Callide.

In Wide Bay, sitting member Llew O’Brien (LNP) also endured a small swing against him in a field of 10 candidates.

The ALP, One Nation and The Greens also suffered small negative swings in Wide Bay, with votes flowing to minor parties and Independents.


Leonie Halliday was handing out Labor Party “How To Votes” at Taabinga State School

Shannon Law was handing out ALP flyers at Wondai

Russell Hellyer was braving the rain for the UAP

Jeff Carpenter, from Tansey, was volunteering for the ALP at the Murgon PCYC

Zac Dennien came prepared for handing out LNP flyers at Taabinga State School
Rance Darlington was handing out “How To Votes” for the LNP at Murgon, and taking time out to chat with Ansell George, 98, from Murgon

* * *


At 2:30pm Monday, the Australian Electoral Commission’s projected two-party preferred vote had David Littleproud securing 73.53 per cent after the distribution of preferences, ahead of the ALP’s Dave Kerrigan with 26.47 per cent.

One Nation candidate Mike Kelly had dropped into third spot on First Preference votes with a swing against the party of 2.55 per cent.

The United Australia Party’s Nathan McDonald enjoyed a positive swing of 3.74 per cent.

First Preference Votes (ballot paper order)

  • David Littleproud (LNP) – 37,839 primary votes, 54.45% total vote, swing -1.55%
  • Malcolm Richardson (Shooters, Fishers and Farmers) – 2732, 3.93%, +3.93%
  • Dave Kerrigan (ALP) – 11,179, 16.09%, +0.54%
  • Nathan McDonald (UAP) – 5124, 7.37%, +3.74%
  • Ellisa Parker (Qld Greens) – 3433, 4.94%, +1.52%
  • Mike Kelly (One Nation) – 8389, 12.07%, -2.55%
  • Brett Tunbridge (AFP) – 796, 1.15%, +1.15%

* * *


In Flynn, the battle between newcomer Colin Boyce (LNP) – the former LNP member for the State seat of Callide who put up his hand after sitting LNP member Ken O’Dowd announced his retirement – and Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett (ALP) was much closer.

At 2:30pm Monday, the Australian Electoral Commission’s projected two-party preferred vote had Boyce ahead with 52.07 per cent, from Burnett with 47.93 per cent:

First Preference Votes (ballot paper order)

  • Matt Burnett (ALP) – 26,877 primary votes, 35.41% total vote, swing +6.76%
  • Paul Bambrick (Qld Greens) – 3192, 4.21%, +1.14%
  • Carla Svendsen (GAP) – 1679, 2.21%, +2.21%
  • Sharon Lohse (One Nation) – 8913, 11.74%, -7.86%
  • Duncan Scott (Ind) – 3038, 4.00%, +2.45%
  • Tanya Wieden (UAP) – 5330, 7.02%, +2.77%
  • Colin Boyce (LNP) – 26,870, 35.40%, -2.49%

* * *

Wide Bay

At 2:30pm Monday, sitting LNP member Llew O’Brien had secured a clear lead on the two-party preferred vote with 61.53 per cent although he had suffered a swing against him of 3.48 per cent. 

In second spot was Geoff Williams (ALP) with a two-party preferred vote of 38.47 per cent, also down slightly. The One Nation vote was also down. Votes flowed to a number of minor parties and Independents standing in the seat for the first time.

First Preference Votes (ballot paper order)

  • Kelli Jacobi (Ind) – 3480 primary votes, 4.30% total vote, swing +4.301%
  • Nathan Buckley (One Nation) – 8196, 10.12%, -0.71%
  • Tracy Bennett (UAP) – 3777, 4.66%, +1.05%
  • Craig Armstrong (Qld Greens) – 7267, 8.97%, -0.97%
  • Llew O’Brien (LNP) –  35,330, 43.61%, -3.48%
  • John Woodward (AFP) – 440, 0.54%, +0.54%
  • Tim Jerome (Ind) – 2326, 2.87%, -1.63%
  • Geoff Williams (ALP) – 17,294, 21.35%, -0.40%
  • Daniel Williams (AVP) – 1136, 1.40%, +1.40%
  • Andrea Newland (IMOP) – 1762, 2.18%, +2.18%

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