Dearne “Dee” Acland recently moved to Nanango where she is now organising Hen Pen Australia activities

March 17, 2022

An entrepreneur who launched a successful enterprise just for women in Townsville has expanded her network to include the South Burnett.

Dee Acland recently moved to Nanango where she has begun local “Hen Pen Australia” activities, and is now planning to organise even more fun activities for women.

“Hen Pen Australia” is a mix of social networking and hands-on learning and already has 6200 members on its closed Facebook group.

Dee explained the concept of Hen Pen Australia to recently.

For an annual membership of $39.95 a year, women are offered the opportunity to take part in a range of courses, some free and some with a small fee to cover costs.

The courses cover a range of skills that many women want to learn but either have had no opportunity to do so, or may feel intimidated if joining in a class with men.

Dee said the courses she had either run – or brought in outside experts to lead – included everything from how to back a trailer, using power tools and woodworking; to macramé, boat licences and firearms safety.

“Many women are held back financially or through a lack of opportunity or anxiety,” Dee said.

Her website is filled with photographs of smiling young women in Townsville taking part in her courses … fishing, shooting and yes, backing trailers.

“A lot of women are in the group for the social side,” Dee said.

Dee’s first workshop since she came to Nanango was a simple resin course at the Luxe Serenity Spa in Drayton Street.

“We made wine toppers which is a good introduction for beginners to resin,” she said.

Dee said women who were interested in joining in local activities – or just finding out more about Hen Pen Australia – should visit the Hen Pen Australia website

She is now working to organise more workshops in the South Burnett but also plans to keep the successful Townsville group running.

[Photos below from the Hen Pen Australia website]

Hen Pen Australia’s website is filled with photos of women have fun …
… learning useful skills (yes, they can now back a trailer) …
… enjoying craft activities such as woodworking …
… or maybe taking a boat out for a spot of fishing!

[UPDATED with correction]

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