Use insect repellent to reduce the risk of mosquito bites

March 3, 2022

South Burnett Regional Council has offered some timely advice to residents to help keep mozzies – and the diseases they can carry – at bay.

“Warm weather and recent rainfall will increase mosquito breeding across the region,” a spokesperson said.

“With the recent rainfall and the receding flood waters pooling, water can provide perfect conditions for mosquitos to breed.

“This can result in more mosquitoes, increasing the potential for mosquito-borne diseases in our communities.

“Mosquitoes can carry viruses such as Ross River Fever, Barmah Forest Virus and your dogs can also contract heart worm.”

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Council’s Advice To Control Mozzies

Personal protection measures can reduce the risk of you and your family getting bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Use insect repellent (in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions), especially when outside at dawn or dusk
  • Wear long, loose, light-coloured clothing
  • Use flying insect spray or plug-in insecticide devices to kill mosquitoes in-doors
  • Use bed nets, if available
  • Repair defective insect screens or fit new screens.

You can also help control mosquitoes around the home by taking the following steps:

  • Pot plant bases: Preferably dispose of the base altogether. Alternatively, empty and clean the base weekly or put sand in it to absorb the water.
  • Tins, tyres, jars, toys and rubbish items: Any items left lying around the yard that hold water will breed mosquitoes. Store under cover and dispose of all unwanted items.
  • Roof gutters: Clean out leaves and other debris regularly. Cut back and trim trees. Blocked gutters will breed mosquitoes.
  • Bromeliads and other water-holding plants: Other than removing the plants altogether use a high-pressure hose to remove any mosquito larvae.
  • Rainwater, wells and drums: Large water holding containers must be screened with wire gauze no coarser than 1mm mesh.
  • Bird baths, fish ponds and ornamental ponds: Clean weekly to remove mosquito larvae. Keep Australian native fish in your ponds.
  • Swimming pools: Keep chlorinated and regularly operate the pool pump all year round.
  • Drains or depressions: Maintain drains to allow for water flow. Fill in any depressions to prevent water ponding.

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