Hivesville Sportsground’s amenities block was built in 2016 as a joint council / community project to help the Hivesville Markets but it is no longer being cleaned after the market committee wound up earlier this month  (Photo: Kathy Duff)
Cr Kathy Duff

January 28, 2020

Two side effects occurred after the Hivesville Markets committee folded earlier this month.

One is that the popular markets – held monthly at Hivesville’s Sportsgrounds for the past 12 years – will not resume until either a new committee is formed or another community group steps forward to run them.

Another is that the community’s disability toilets have not been cleaned since the former committee disbanded.

The sportsground’s $70,000 amenities block was built in 2016 as a joint project between the South Burnett Regional Council and the community.

Responsibility for the block’s maintenance and cleaning was taken up by the Hivesville Markets committee a condition of their lease of the sportsgrounds.

But after the group’s dissolution all cleaning and maintenance ceased.

At Wednesday’s Council meeting, Cr Kathy Duff moved that Council take over cleaning the toilet block while the future of the markets was decided.

Cr Duff noted that while the nearby Hivesville service station also had disability toilets, the sportsgrounds block was the only public facility in the area that was wheelchair-accessible.

That was why it was important to keep them in good order, she said.

The Council already cleans another toilet block in nearby Main Street, and Cr Duff moved the Sportsgrounds block be added to Council’s weekly cleaning schedule until at least the end of June.

The motion was carried unanimously.

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