The Burnett Highway near Booubyjan about 9:00am on January 8 … this is a few kilometres north of the Murgon-Gayndah Road intersection (Photo: Belinda Pennell)

January 21, 2022

The search for a 14-year-old schoolgirl swept away by floodwaters at Booubyjan during the early hours of January 8 is being scaled back.

Queensland Police have been co-ordinating the air, land and water search for Krystal Cain near the Burnett Highway and Murgon-Gayndah Road.

The operation over the past 13 days has included searches by police divers, officers on foot and horseback; and the use of ATVs and drones.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services personnel, SES volunteers and LifeFlight helicopters were also a key part of the search operation.

Sadly, no one has been able to find any sign of Krystal.

Specialised search officers and dogs joined the search this week and drones will be continued to be used within the 10km radius where she was last seen.

A police spokesperson said Krystal was a compassionate, bright and bubbly girl who loved art and English at school. She was a fantastic sketcher and had a love of music.

The search began early after reports a 40-year-old man and his daughter had been caught in floodwaters.

The pair were in a Toyota Camry sedan and managed to get out of the vehicle before it was swept away.

The man was rescued just before 12:30pm on January 8 after being found clinging to a tree.

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