Mayor Elvie Sandow, Assistant Health Minister Julieanne Gilbert, Cherbourg Champion Leanne Linard and Mary Aubrey, second from left, who received a vaccination from the Mater Walkabout team (Photo: CASC)
Archie Leedie receives a vaccination from one of the Mater team of health workers (Photo: CASC)

November 5, 2021

The State Government’s “Cherbourg Champion” Leanne Linard visited the community on Thursday as part of an ongoing effort to encourage higher vaccination rates.

Ms Linard, who is the Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs, was accompanied by the Assistant Minister for Health and Regional Health Infrastructure, Julieanne Gilbert.

Minister Linard said she wanted to “touch base” with Mayor Elvie Sandow and the Cherbourg community and to see the work that’s been happening happening in regards to COVID-19 vaccinations.

She also wanted to find out if there were any barriers that could be addressed to ensure vaccination rates were higher.

Minister Linard accompanied the Mater Walkabout vaccination team during her visit.

The Mater team, working alongside local health workers, has been delivering vaccinations in Cherbourg.

Minister Linard said concerns about the availability of vaccinations in Cherbourg had been addressed by the health staff going door-to-door.

And she was encouraged by the positive response from the community.

“I actually feel really positive about how the community is feeling and that we just need to keep up that effort,” Minister Linard said.

She said her focus was to get the message out the Queensland borders will open in December.

“Everyone needs to get vaccinated now,” she said. “It is never too late to get vaccinated.”

Minister Linard said she wanted to send a “huge thank you” to the Cherbourg Council, the community and Cherbourg Elders.

“The Elders hold the confidence of their community,” she said.

“They’re the ones coming out and saying come out let’s keep everyone safe. They’re going into homes saying ‘I want you to be safe’.”

“It’s community that brings community out.”

During her visit, Minister Linard also met with Cherbourg councillors and CEO Chatur Zala, visited Cherbourg Hospital and met with the local “Transition To Success” team which works with young people aged 15-17 who are involved in the youth justice system or have been assessed as being at-risk of entering.

Mayor Sandow, Assistant Minister Gilbert, Minister Linard and Cherbourg Elder and JP Magistrate Aunty Lillian Gray (Photo: CASC)
Minister Linard and Assistant Minister Gilbert with traditional owner Cynthia Button, Mayor Sandow, South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto, Cr Kathy Duff and the Mater Walkabout Vaccination team (Photo: CASC)

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