Erin Jeffs and fellow Centacare workers lead off the march, followed by the St Mary’s Catholic College Drumline drummers

October 25, 2021

The annual Reclaim The Night march aims to make an impact, so there was no way it was going to be unnoticed in Kingaroy on Thursday night.

Drummers from St Mary’s Catholic College Drumline set the beat as the marchers chanted their slogan: “We reclaim the right to walk the streets at night!”

The marchers began in the Kingaroy Town Hall forecourt before heading down Glendon Street and circumnavigating the Kingaroy Shoppingworld block.

Reclaim The Night is a protest against sexual violence – particularly against women – and aims to raise awareness in the community.

The first protest march was held in Kingaroy in the late 1990s, with marchers chanting and ringing bells.

The event lapsed after a few outings but was revived several years ago by an enthusiastic committee supported by Centacare Family and Relationship Care.

Thursday night’s march followed a rally in the forecourt which included live music, a sausage sizzle and a panel forum where members of the community shared information about sexual assault, where to get support, how to respond to someone who says they have been sexually assaulted (especially children) and the process of gathering evidence which occurs after an assault is reported to police.

Two courageous survivors of sexual assault – Jo and Noelene – also shared their experiences with the crowd.

Placards carried by the marchers shared some key messages: “No means no”, “Don’t tell me how to dress, tell him not to rape”, “Coercion = rape”

* * *

For support on sexual assault:

Rebekah Noe, Erin Jeffs, Sharon Collins and Shelley Hayden from Centacare Family and Relationship Care
Helping out at Rotary’s sausage sizzle were Senior Constable Connor Miller and Constable Tyler Henderson, from Kingaroy station; and Sgt Allyson Sanewski, from Cherbourg station
Wanita Ramke, Biddy Adams and Kerina Camilleri, from Laurel Place … Laurel Place provides sexual assault counselling and support in Murgon
Tonia Gilbert and Cr Danita Potter … Cr Potter also chairs the South Burnett Suicide Prevention Working Group
Margie and Bella Hams, Kingaroy
Shannon Fagg and Tom Martin (South Burnett CTC)
Supporting Reclaim The Night were St Joseph’s Catholic College and St Mary’s Catholic Collge students … from left, Jaquon Clevens, Year 7; Kieron Cobbo, Year 4; Derek Albury, Year 4; Loris Doctor, Year 5; Harriet Clevens, Year 6; and Shanice Cobbo, Year 2
Rob Fitz-Herbert and daughter Lil were providing live music in the forecourt
Jo and Noelene shared their experiences and advice during the panel talk
Erin Jeffs with the panel of speakers who addressed the crowd
The St Mary’s Catholic College Drumline Band were a key part of the march
The march proceeds down Youngman Street, past Kingaroy Shoppingworld

* * *

Video by Torkit Business Solutions

2021 Reclaim the Night – video recap from Torkit Business Solutions on Vimeo.

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