This design for Wondai’s updated Bunya Highway roundabout was the preferred choice of almost 3 in every 4 residents who took part in an extensive community consultation process (Design: SBRC)

October 7, 2021

A six-month community consultation process on the redesign of Wondai’s Bunya Highway roundabout has produced a clear winner.

At Wednesday’s monthly Infrastructure Standing Committee meeting, South Burnett councillors were told Option 2 of three possible options was the preferred design for the overwhelming majority of Wondai residents who provided feedback to Council on the project.

The ageing roundabout was built by the former Wondai Shire Council before the widespread adoption of B-double trucks in the transport industry.

Its narrow turning circle has posed problems for large trucks ever since, as well as high maintenance costs for the Council caused by trucks overshooting the roundabout and breaking the brick edging.

However, with the structure now nearing the end of its useful working life, Council officers are hopeful its updated replacement will eliminate both problems.

The redesigned roundabout will feature a smaller central garden area encircled by a three metre wide, semi-mountable kerb of dark-coloured concrete that will be much easier for large trucks to navigate.

The wide kerb will allow any trucks that overshoot to safely execute the turn without causing damage to the roundabout’s structure, and the kerb’s dark colouring will disguise any tyre scuff marks they leave behind.

The kerb will also increase the distance between the central garden and passing motorists, improving safety for Council’s Parks and Gardens staff when they carry out maintenance.

Officers said community consultations had involved an initial meeting between Cr Scott Henschen and community representatives to come up with three initial concepts for the roundabout, followed by two meetings with the Wondai Business Network; four days of gathering general community feedback at Wondai’s Customer Service Centre; an online feedback form; and a stand at Wondai’s Country Markets in September.

In all, these activities had generated almost 100 individual submissions, with the overwhelming majority (73 per cent) in favour of Option 2.

Councillors voted unanimously to adopt the officers’ recommendation for the new roundabout design.

They also asked for a report on the future location of Wondai’s Christmas Tree be brought to October’s General Meeting.

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2 Responses to "Roundabout Design Selected"

  1. Greg Pomfret  October 9, 2021

    Well that’s 6 months waste of time and money. unbelievable the BS on a bloody roundabout that’s already been there for many years.

    My option, it works so leave it alone and spend some money on these single lane bitumen or dirt roads that plague the SB area.

  2. Bill Weir  October 11, 2021

    With respect, Greg, I disagree. The roundabout is a big problem for B-double drivers and that makes it a problem for everyone else (particularly if they’re tailing a B-double).

    And if you get out and look at the damage they cause on this roundabout each year, that’s also a problem for every ratepayer because we all contribute to the cost of repairs.

    Personally, I think this replacement will fix both problems so I’m for it. And by the sounds of it, so are most of Wondai.


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