How Bell Street looking west would appear if residents approve the SBRC’s latest plans for Kumbia’s CBD upgrade … works will be prioritised for completion by Christmas 2022 (Graphic: SBRC)
Deputy Mayor Gavin Jones

September 22, 2021

Kumbia’s CBD upgrade will be completed by Christmas next year, even if it winds up costing more than originally planned.

At Wednesday’s monthly General Meeting, South Burnett councillors voted to give the project priority status in the Council’s 2022-23 capital works program.

Cr Gavin Jones told the meeting he fully supported the upgrade.

However, he thought it was likely the project would cost more than originally planned due to labour and materials shortages caused by the pandemic.

He moved the budget be expanded from $250,000 to $300,000 to cover this, but warned it could cost even more.

And he added the same could apply to upgrades planned for Murgon’s QEII Park.

Cr Scott Henschen said he would support a budget expansion if it was necessary.

He said the project had been “a long time coming” and was much more than had been originally proposed several years ago.

Even so, he believed it was what residents wanted and he thought it was better to “do it once and do it properly” than try to cut corners.

Cr Kirstie Schumacher said she also fully supported the upgrade and understood the project’s budget might increase.

“Kumbia is a pretty town and it’s an important gateway to the South Burnett and the Bunya Mountains,” she said.

She was keen to see the project built in time for the town’s 2022 Christmas celebrations.

She was also particularly keen to see Apex Park in Bell Street refreshed and refurbished.

Cr Kathy Duff agreed with Cr Jones that pandemic shortages and other factors could affect the project’s budget.

“Things can change during a community consultation process,” she said.

“But Kumbia has been waiting a very, very long time for this.”

Councillors then voted to prioritise the project and the motion was carried unanimously.

Community consultations on the final design of the upgrade will begin in the near future.

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