Bell Street in Kumbia will be lined with an avenue of tall trees after the South Burnett Regional Council completes a $60,000 beautification project early next year
SBRC Mayor Wayne Kratzmann
South Burnett Mayor Wayne Kratzmann (Photo: SBRC)

November 20, 2015

Kumbia’s Bell Street will be turned into an avenue of trees next year, thanks to a $60,000 streetscape beautification project by the South Burnett Regional Council.

The money to carry out the work was set aside in this year’s Budget.

The Council has been working in partnership with the Kumbia Progress Association for the last few months to find out which streetscaping option the community prefers.

Tree plantings along both sides of Bell Street appears to be the most popular choice.

“Another option we looked at was installing a tree-lined median strip,” Mayor Wayne Kratzmann said.

But this was rejected because Bell Street is really the Bunya Highway, which means any work on the road would require the approval of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Mayor Kratzmann, who announced the plan at Tuesday morning’s Charity Breakfast at the Kumbia Hotel, said he thought the project was long overdue.

“There hasn’t been much spent on this town in some time,” he said.

Unlike recent upgrades to CBD areas in Nanango, Proston and Blackbutt, the focus will be on beautification, not infrastructure.

The Mayor said he hoped the project would also help improve business in the town.

“I know it’s a struggle in little villages like Kumbia, but you deserve a town you can be proud of.”

Work on the project is expected to begin early next year.

A second option – to plant a median strip along the length of Bell Street – was rejected because it would require DTMR approval and might have caused visibility problems for some drivers

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