September 21, 2021

Queensland is reinstating border restrictions for the NSW shires of Byron and Tweed.

This follows the decision by NSW Health to issue stay-at-home orders for the two shires from 5:00pm on Tuesday for seven days due to an increased COVID-19 public health risk.

A Queensland Health spokesperson said the Byron and Tweed LGAs would become part of the restricted NSW border zone from 1:00am on Wednesday (September 22).

Border zone residents who have been to Byron and Tweed shires will only be allowed into Queensland for limited essential purposes.

Queensland residents may only return to Queensland if they have entered a restricted area for limited essential purposes.

Those entering Queensland from a non-restricted LGA – but who must travel through a restricted LGA – can do so if they transit without stopping, using private transport for no more than two hours.

To enter Queensland from an LGA within the border zone, people must:

  • Get tested if they develop any COVID-19 symptoms after arriving in Queensland
  • Monitor the list of interstate exposure venues daily (at least once every 24 hours) from the time they complete a declaration and for 14 days after arriving in Queensland

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Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young

Queenslanders who have entered the Tweed or Byron shires since September 18 will need to mimic the NSW stay-at-home-orders.

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said the increased risk, particularly at the beginning of the school holidays, was very concerning for the State.

“NSW Health is managing the increased risk in the Tweed and Byron LGAs by enacting stay-at-home orders for everyone in, and who has been to those areas,” Dr Young said.

“Queensland will mimic the same orders for anyone who has been in the Tweed or Byron Shires on, or since, September 18.

“Anyone who enters or who has previously been to Tweed or Byron LGAs must follow the stay-at-home orders for as long as the NSW Government determines, or for 14 days since leaving the area, whichever time period is less.

“The reason we’re taking a stronger approach than other restricted LGAs in the border zone is this case has been very active in the region, and because of increased movement across the border.

“We know that many Queensland residents and many Tweed and Byron residents cross the border every day, more times than what you would see with other restricted LGAs in the border zone.

“Because of this, there is a much higher risk of transmission into Queensland from this case.”

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A public health alert has been issued by Queensland Health for contact tracing locations at the Brisbane Domestic Airport after a previously confirmed positive case transited from NSW to the Northern Territory, via Brisbane.

The case was infectious on the flight to Brisbane, a flight from Brisbane to Northern Territory and while within the airport on September 17.

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There have been 48,061 locally acquired cases – and 255 COVID-19 related deaths – in NSW since the Delta outbreak began on June 16.

There are currently 1266 COVID-19 patients in NSW hospitals, including 244 people in intensive care.


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