Damian Nicholson, from Kingaroy, will be hosting a special online trivia night fundraiser on Thursday night
Damian is chuffed that his sparhawkgames gamertag is on the poster that EB Games is using to promote the Starlight fundraiser

August 25, 2021

Do you reckon you know your Marvel super heroes and the universe they populate? Then this could be the fun fundraiser for you!

A Kingaroy IT expert – better known online by his gamertag “SparhawkGames” – is hosting a special trivia night online on Thursday (August 26) as part of a campaign to raise funds for the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Damian Nicholson works full-time but has been raising funds for various charities for almost two years while streaming video games on his Twitch channel.

His latest project is to assist Starlight, a charity which supports seriously ill children by providing activities in hospitals as well as granting Starlight “wishes”.

Damian is one of Starlight’s 2021 “GameChangers”, a fundraiser being promoted by EB Games.

Hundreds of gamers across Australia are taking part.

Influencers and creators on other platforms, including TikTok, Facebook and YouTube, are also raising funds.

All up, the charity is hoping to raise at least $400,000 from the various online promotions.

Damian has 1200 followers on his Twitch account whom he has been encouraging to donate to Starlight.

He has set a modest fundraising targeting of $500 and is is almost two-thirds of the way there.

His latest effort is the online trivia night on Thursday which will test people’s knowledge about the Marvel universe.

It will run from 10:00pm on Twitch and Starlight representatives will also be taking part.

It’s free – and no registration is needed – but throughout the night Damian will be reminding participants about donating money to Starlight.

All donations will be made directly to the Starlight Children’s Foundation Stream Raisers appeal.

  • More information about how to take part is available on Facebook and donations can be made via Tiltify

* * *

Damian told southburnett.com.au he’s been gaming for “30-plus” years but was strict about the time he sets aside for the pastime.

“It all started with an Atari console and Nintendo,” he said.

These days he schedules four nights a week after 10:00pm to stream his games online.

Most of his followers are in Australia, but he also has viewers from the UK, USA and New Zealand.

He’s built up a small community around gaming, where his followers can also take part in games and chat.

“I’m not a professional. It’s all very social,” Damian said.

The games he’s playing these days include Splitgate, Jackbox, Chess and Grand Theft Auto.

He’s run online trivia nights before, with subjects including Harry Potter, Australian animals, super heroes and Star Wars.

These have proven very popular, and Starlight have also edited some of the videos created to use in their hospital activities.

UPDATE August 30: The Trivia Night raised $150 to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

How well do you know your Marvel universe?

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