A large crowd of buyers inspected the cattle on offer at the most recent Coolabunia Fat and Store Sale (Photo: AL&L)

July 27, 2021

by Aussie Land & Livestock

A total of 556 steers, heifers, cows and bulls were yarded at Aussie Land & Livestock’s Fat and Store sale on July 15.

The market remained firm at the Coolabunia Saleyards.

The sale yielded an average price of $5.16 per kilogram across all classes, and an average price per head of $1342.

An open auction of a further 102 cattle produced an average price per head of $2141.

Sale results:

  • Steers up to 200kg sold up to $6.40/kg, returning $1198
  • Steers 200-300kg sold to $6.31/kg, returning $1680
  • Steers 300-400kg sold to $5.68/kg and $1942
  • Steers 400-650kg sold to $4.38/kg and $2103
  • Heifers up to 200kg sold to $6.02/kg, returning $1027
  • Heifers 200-300kg sold to $5.52/kg and $1309
  • Heifers 300-400kg sold up to $4.60/kg, returning $1570
  • Heifers over 400kg sold to $4.18/kg and $1944
  • Cows up to 400kg sold to $3.70/kg and $1480
  • Cows 400-520kg sold up to $3.78/kg and $1627
  • Cows over 520kg sold to $3.13/kg and $2082
  • Bulls over 600kg sold to $4.48/kg and $3652
Aussie Land & Livestock auctioneers kept the sale moving along at a brisk pace (Photo: AL&L)

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