Peanuts won’t be letting pigs hog all the limelight in the lead-up to this year’s BaconFest

July 12, 2021

The Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry is urging businesses in the Kingaroy CBD to go nuts and ham it up …

The KCCI is again sponsoring a window-dressing competition to coincide with BaconFest.

But this year the theme is “Pork N Peanuts”.

“Prizes for the event will be a $250 merchandise pack and event tickets for first place and $150 merchandise pack and event tickets for the runner-up,” a KCCI spokesperson said.

“Judging will take place on August 6. So don’t be a porker, just get involved.”

BaconFest 2021 will run from August 20 to August 22.

Tickets for various events went on sale online on July 1.

Footnote: There may also be some BIG news about a certain peanut in Kingaroy just ahead of BaconFest!

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Schedule Of Events

[UPDATED with correction]

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