A total of 27 car parking spaces will be lost in Glendon Street between Kingaroy Street and Alford Street, although the final design for the shared area still has not been confirmed

July 2, 2021

South Burnett Regional Council has moved to clarify confusion about the number of CBD car parking spaces which will be lost as a result of the Kingaroy Transformation Project (KTP).

As at June 30, a Council spokesperson says there will be 96 spaces lost.

This is one less than the 97 losses adopted at the November 25 Council meeting, however, it is more than the 84 “major losses” identified in a recent Council Works Update.

The 96 car spaces lost include four within the shared Glendon Street area which is still subject to final design approval.

In Alford Street – 33 spaces will be lost between Youngman Street and Short Street:

  • Youngman to Glendon – 15
  • Alford Street carpark – 2
  • Kingaroy to Short – 16

In Kingaroy Street – 10 spaces will be lost between Alford Street and Haly Street

In Haly Street – 26 spaces will be lost between Youngman Street and Kingaroy Street:

  • Youngman to Glendon – 6
  • Glendon to Kingaroy – 20

In Glendon Street – 27 spaces will be lost between Alford Street and Haly Street:

  • Haly to Circular Place – 13
  • Shared area – 4
  • Circular Place to Alford – 10

At a previous Council meeting, councillors were told the car parks would be lost because regulations now require that pedestrian crossings have buffer zones and because new disability parking spaces are being created in the CBD.

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3 Responses to "Where KTP Car Parks Will Be Lost"

  1. I just can’t grasp these figures. Totally puzzled by the large number. Lost for words.

  2. Can we hear about the replacement car parks, please. Where will they be? Will they be available before the 96 car parks go? If not, why not?

  3. What are they thinking about? Removing 96 carparks is not going to encourage people to visit Kingaroy for shopping. No one wants to walk a kilometre to the shops. This is utter stupidity. The senior citizens are going to suffer greatly.

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