Director-General Clare O’Connor, Cherbourg mayor Elvie Sandow and “Cherbourg Champion” Minister Leanne Linard

June 22, 2021

Cherbourg’s new Ministerial “Champion”, Leanne Linard, paid her first visit to the community on Tuesday … and she admitted she was impressed.

Ms Linard is the Minister for Children and Youth Justice and Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

She was appointed to the “champion” role in late April this year.

She was accompanied on her visit by the former head of the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships, Clare O’Connor, who is now Director-General of the Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy.

Ms O’Connor is Cherbourg’s “Government Champion”.

The “champion” roles are designed to give Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council a direct channel into Cabinet and into the upper echelons of the public service.

Minister Linard told there was a lot of pride in the community.

“The Mayor and the local councillors are really proud of the community.  And I’ve just had my first visit to the school – a proud principal, beautiful kids playing,” she said.

The visitors also dropped into Nurunderi TAFE, where they met another “really proud team”.

“This community has great facilities and there’s people who really love being here, are excited about what’s here now but also where they’re going in future,” Minister Linard said.

She said Council had briefed her on what they would like her focus to be on, as well as their plans moving forward.

Concerns about child safety issues were also discussed with councillors.

“If there are things that need to be addressed, that’s what this process is about,” Minister Linard said.

Minister Linard and Ms O’Connor, accompanied by Mayor Elvie Sandow, Deputy Mayor Tom Langton and CEO Chatur Zala, also visited the Cherbourg Water Treatment Plant and the Materials Recovery Facility / Containers For Change depot on Tuesday.

The Minister planned to return to the community on Wednesday with the Director-General of the Department of Children, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs, Deidre Mulkerin, to see new houses under construction, visit Gundoo Day Care and have a meeting with the Barambah Local Justice Group.

Minister Linard said she was looking forward to coming back to Cherbourg and engaging with more of the community and services.

She would also be talking regularly with Mayor Sandow.

The Assistant Minister for Health and Regional Health Infrastructure Julieanne Gilbert – the “Assistant Champion” – will also be visiting the Cherbourg in future.

Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council operations manager Darren Lonergan, CEO Chatur Zala, Deputy Mayor Tom Langton, economic and community development manager Sean Nicholson and Water Treatment & Filtration Solutions Pty Ltd executive director Brendon Roots with some of the workers from the Cherbourg Water Treatment Plant
Work is under way on major upgrades at Cherbourg’s water treatment plant, including the construction of a new raw water rising main, the concrete lining of two 2 megalitre reservoirs and the construction of a backwash recycling system which will improve efficiency and save costs … the formwork at the right is for a massive, new concrete holding tank
Cherbourg State School principal Andrew Shaw, Mayor Elvie Sandow and Minister Leanne Linard with staff and students at Cherbourg State School (Photo: CASC)
Cherbourg economic development manager Sean Nicholson, Minister Leanne Linard, Materials Recovery Facility manager Andrew Beckett, Mayor Elvie Sandow, CEO Chatur Zala, Director-General Clare O’Connor and Deputy Mayor Tom Langton at Cherbourg’s recycling facility (Photo: CASC)

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