June 11, 2021

Cherbourg State School hopes to begin work on a major upgrade of the school oval and staff car park later this school term.

Plans were approved recently to create a new, rectangular rugby league ground at the school.

This would be fully turfed and include new goal posts.

A new 100m athletic track would also be created running along the side of the rugby league grounds.

Also proposed are a cricket net, shotput circle, long jump pit and netball court.

New terrace seating would also be created.

A school spokesperson said the plans had been developed keeping in mind the current oval was the old community corroboree ground.

Earthworks will only affect the top layer of about 15cm.

The current oval is not in use due to health and safety concerns about broken glass in the soil.

Further consultations will be held with Elders and Cherbourg Council before the work begins.

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