Powerlink helicopters will be checking transmission lines in the local area over the next few months (Photo: Powerlink)

June 9, 2021

Maidenwell residents who spot low-flying helicopters over the next few months shouldn’t be alarmed … it’s just Powerlink carrying out more powerline inspections.

The last time Powerlink conducted aerial inspections in the South Burnett, some local social media pages lit up with conspiracy theories about secret military exercises and drug raids.

The reality is a lot less dramatic …

The helicopter inspections help Powerlink Queensland maintain the reliability and safety of the electricity transmission network by checking if maintenance is required or if there is vegetation near infrastructure.

Powerlink spokesperson Gary Edwards said the inspections were essential, efficient and cost-effective.

He said the pilot would try to maintain the maximum distance practically possible from houses, livestock and crops.

“Local residents may see the helicopter moving relatively quickly and at a low level along our transmission lines, and in some instances, it may need to hover to enable closer inspection of the lines,” he said.

Mr Edwards said Powerlink was aware that low-flying helicopters had the potential to startle livestock and encouraged anyone with questions about the patrols and the planned timing to contact Powerlink for further information on 1800-635-369 during business hours.

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