February 26, 2021

A recent dog attack in Nanango and complaints about dog poo on footpaths has prompted South Burnett Regional Council to remind dog owners about their responsibilities.

A pig dog was surrendered to Council and later euthanased earlier this week after it savaged a small dog belonging to an elderly couple visiting the region.

The smaller dog required emergency treatment at a local vet surgery after the attack.

Council is currently investigating whether a second dog allegedly involved in the incident should be declared dangerous.

A Council spokesperson reminded owners that dogs must always be kept under effective control while in a public place.

“Dogs must be leashed at all times outside your property, except when in designated off-leash areas,” the spokesperson said.

Council also reminded dog owners they are also responsible for “deposits” made by their animals.

“All dog owners must pick up all faeces left by your animal whilst in a public place and dispose of it appropriately,” the spokesperson said.

“Council encourages dog owners to be prepared with plastic bags to collect any excreta from their animal.

“Dog waste bag dispensers have been provided at off-leash areas for residents’ convenience.

“If utilising these public areas, please be courteous and considerate of other users and their animals.

“If you do not comply with the local laws as a dog owner or dog carer, you could attract a maximum fine of $2669 per offence.

“Members of the public are also reminded that they can report any non-compliant behaviours to Council for investigation and an appropriate response.”

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