Lanigan Road connects the Burnett Highway to East Nanango-Grindstone Road … residents have petitioned Council to seal 1.2km of it – the green portion shown on this map – to reduce dust problems on their blocks (Map: Google)

February 3, 2021

South Burnett Regional Council will explore the possibility of sealing part of a dirt road at Glan Devon to protect its residents from dust problems.

At Wednesday’s Infrastructure Standing Committee meeting, Councillors were told residents living on five acre blocks in Lanigan Road had petitioned Council about the matter.

The road connects the Burnett Highway to East Nanango-Grindstone Road at Glan Devon, north of Nanango.

Cr Roz Frohloff told the meeting Lanigan Road had become popular with some residents over the years as a back road from the Burnett Highway into Nanango’s CBD.

These users drove along Lanigan Road at speed, raising dust clouds that interfered with residents’ lives.

Council officers advised the meeting traffic counters will be installed on the road to collect usage data.

This data will then be analysed to determine the road’s demand, which will indicate if Lanigan Road should be considered for sealing in Council’s capital works program.

Officers noted that residents had only asked for 1.2km of the road’s 2.2km length to be sealed – the portion that passed their rural residential allotments.

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