Year 9 Student Katie Ryan gets some tips on how to change a tyre from David Musch (Photo: St Johns)

December 7, 2020

Year 9 students at St John’s Lutheran School in Kingaroy have been making the most of the final few weeks of the school year by getting their hands dirty and learning a few life skills.

During recent weeks students have learnt basic car maintenance and discussed road safety with the Fire Brigade and Ambulance workers.

They also took part in a full-day first aid course.

Teacher Amanda Roberts said it was likely many of the students taking part would apply for their driver’s licence within 12 months.

“With assessment for the year finally complete, we saw an opportunity to teach our students some lessons that will prepare them for the future and may one day save a life,” Mrs Roberts said.

Ken Mills Toyota general manager David Musch attended the school to conduct a lesson on how to change a car tyre and check oil levels.

“While there’s rarely a need to lift the bonnet on most modern cars, the cheaper secondhand cars that many teenagers purchase often require more attention,” Mr Musch said.

“It’s my hope these students now have the confidence they need to keep out of trouble.”

A visit to the fire station to talk to local emergency workers involved a disaster simulation during which two people were “rescued” from a car damaged in a crash.

During the first aid course students were taught how to perform CPR, apply bandages correctly and perform other lifesaving procedures.

Mrs Roberts said it was a great way for students to wrap up their time at St John’s.

“Many of our Year 9 students have been attending St John’s for 10 years, since they started with us in Prep,” Mrs Roberts said.

“I’m so pleased we could provide this parting gift of very practical life lessons before they embark on the next chapter of their educational journey.”

Year 9 students explore what’s under the bonnet ….

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